Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: January 2015

Introduces four-year term for governor again

By Mario Ratzki, NH Representative

We had our first House session of 2015 on January 7. Concealed weapons were again allowed anywhere in the State House, reversing the previous House stand. A new rule requiring the support of 20 members instead of 10 to ask for a roll call was tabled 343 to 36. Representative Bill O’Brien’s attempt to have […]

Solar Performance and Price Considerations in New Hampshire

Many details impact costs and benefits

By Jeff Dickinson

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels produce DC electricity when sunlight strikes a chemically-coated silicone cell. The amount of power produced fluctuates with the intensity of the sun. The DC current moves though wires to an inverter, where it is converted into AC current, the type of electricity that runs our households and businesses. A solar PV […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: December 2014

By Mario Ratzki, NH Representative

It may seem a lifetime ago, but the 2014 election was just over a month ago. I want to thank all who participated, and especially those who voted to re-elect me to represent our three beautiful towns of Andover, Salisbury, and Danbury. My buddy, David Karrick, also got the nod, as did Senator Andrew Hosmer […]

Top 20 Reasons to Support The Andover Beacon

There's a lot to like about the Beacon

By A Loyal Beacon Supporter

Polite letters to the editor! A whole lot of pages, every issue! High-quality paper and large type! Absence of political rants and raves! Spelling and grammer correct, mostly! You only have to read it once a month! The “Beacon Members Win!” giveaways! You get it free – whether you want it or not! Lots of […]

News from County Commissioner Bronwyn Asplund-Walsh

County Administrator Bateson retires

By Bronwyn Asplund-Walsh, County Commissioner

Much has happened during these last few months. You will be very pleased to know that Merrimack County has recently received the highest rating possible for our Tax Anticipation Notes – an SP1+. Our long term rating has been upgraded to AA by Standard and Poor. Due to internal reviews by our insurance company, we […]

Common Core State Standards Restrict Students and Teachers

By Terry Cox, Webster

Senator Andrew Hosmer wants New Hampshire to adopt Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These standards very profoundly restrict students and teachers: New Hampshire, and therefore parents, abandon local control over curricula and standards which measure academic standings. Parents’ rights to oversee their children’s education are stolen. Students’ rights to be prepared for the ever-more complex […]

Researching Claims at Election Time

By Mary Anne Broshek

There is so much information flying around at election time that I wanted to give some factual background on some of the claims I have heard. As a general rule, I like to find out about a candidate by checking their voting record. A good way to do this for federal candidates is to go […]

Executive Council Dates from 1679

Ours is the last with real authority

By Bill Bardsley

During every state election, we find candidates for Executive Council on the ballot. I suspect this office remains mysterious to many voters. New Hampshire is the only state that retains an Executive Council with real authority. Our Executive Council goes way back to 1679, when King Charles II directed that New Hampshire be separated from Massachusetts […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: November 2014

Rising property taxes are being ignored

By Mario Ratzki, NH Representative

This will be my last report before the November 4 election. Yes, it has been two years since the voters of Merrimack District 1 — Andover, Danbury, and Salisbury — did me the honor of electing me to the New Hampshire legislature. I want to thank all who wrote letters endorsing my re-election; your support is what […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: October 2014

State revenues will fall short

By Mario Ratzki, NH representative

We had our last legislative session on September 17 to address the Governor’s vetoes of three bills. A two-thirds vote is necessary to overturn a veto. A Yes vote was to overturn, a No vote to uphold. HB 591, an anti-bullying bill which the Governor thought was written too broadly. Veto sustained by a vote […]

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