The History of Political Parties, and How Primaries Work

A chance to choose the fall election candidates

By Art Urie, for the Beacon

We take political parties for granted most of the time. It is only when someone asks why two parties dominate political life in our country, or when the ballot clerk at a primary election asks us which ballot we want, that we even think about our relationship with a political party. There is nothing particularly […]

Tell Us What You Like About Your Chosen Candidate!

What has he or she done or said to earn your vote?

When you make up your mind who you’re voting for in the November county or state elections, please send a few sentences about what you like most about the candidate you’ve picked. We’d like to run those short bits in the Beacon so we can all see what’s persuading our friends and neighbors one way […]

David Karrick Looks Ahead to 2015 Legislative Session

Familiar issues will be back in 2015

By David Karrick, NH State Representative

Many bills that didn’t pass in the 2014 session of the New Hampshire Legislature will reappear as new legislation in the session starting in January 2015. I’ve reviewed some of these bills below, and I need to hear the thoughts of my constituents about these and other important issues. If you choose me to represent […]

David Karrick Looks Back on 2014 Legislative Session

NH House finished work on June 4

By David Karrick, NH State Representative

The New Hampshire House finished its work for the current biennium on June 4. The Legislature can be proud of what it accomplished, including a bipartisan budget restoring many of the draconian cuts to education and social services, making healthcare insurance possible for many working families, providing funding to fix roads and bridges, protecting women, […]

Andrew Hosmer Reports from Concord

Bipartisan compromise leads to meaningful legislation

By Andrew Hosmer, NH state senator

When I ran for the New Hampshire Senate, I wanted to bring common-sense business principles to Concord. To me, that means working with both parties to solve problems; being careful with taxpayers’ money; and focusing on things people really care about, such as economic growth and job creation, instead of getting caught in tired partisan […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: July 2014

Hospitals settle; state on track for balanced budget

By Mario Ratzki, NH representative

While June 4 was the last session scheduled for the year in the legislature, we will have to go back at least once to vote on the governor’s vetoes. Governor Hassan has already vetoed HB 1244, which would have prohibited the disclosure of lottery winners names. I thought not releasing lottery winners names was incredibly […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: June 2014

Flood control payments face stiff opposition

By Mario Ratzki, NH Representative

Reconsideration: Having voted against a bill for two casinos – I made a promise to support only one casino – I asked for reconsideration of the vote on SB 366. Naturally, I am always torn between the supporters of no casinos and the supporters of one or more casinos. The no-casino vote brought in a […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: May 2014

House passes Senate bill to hike gas tax immediately

By Mario Ratzki, NH Representative

This past week was an eventful one at the capitol in Concord. Looking back a year and a half, we predicted that the so-called balanced budget left us by the preceding legislature was based on faulty calculations. Unfortunately, this came to pass when a New Hampshire court decision invalidated the Medicaid Enhancement Tax levies from […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: April 2014

A rush of action as "crossover" looms

By Mario Ratzki, NH Representative

The Senate Medicaid Expansion bill passed the House on a vote of 202 to 132. The House sends its bills to the Senate in what is called Crossover with a deadline of March 27. Accordingly, a mad rush is on to finish voting on all our bills by that date. This means two- and/or three-day sessions […]

NHEC Explains “Member Service Charge”

Same charge for every member

By Fred Anderson, President/CEO, NHEC

If you get your electricity from New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, you’ve no doubt noticed the Member Service Charge portion of your bill. It’s a fixed monthly charge that is paid by all Co-op members, regardless of whether you use one kilowatt-hour (kWh) per month or 1,000. No single charge on your monthly electric bill attracts […]