Flu Vaccines: Know the Facts

By Laura Condon, New Hampshire Director of Advocacy for National Vaccine Information Center

The flu reports have been non-stop this season. You can’t miss them on the radio, on the TV, or even in The Andover Beacon. Last month there was an update on flu count for all schools within the district. It seems that diagnosed flu cases in local schools are few or non-existent. That’s great news. […]

Warrant Article Seeks Bridge Funding

It’s a start on a plan to deal with town bridge problems.

By Jim Danforth

Of the 20 bridges owned by the town, eight are on the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Red List, three are closed, two are limited to foot traffic, one is structurally deficient, one is functionally obsolete, and four are in good shape. If the Morrill Hill Road Bridge project is completed this year, we […]

Mario Ratzki Reports From Concord

Public input welcomed on February 5 at Town Hall

By Mario Ratzki, New Hampshire House

Successful bi-partisan rescue of the Newfound School District, thanks to efforts by Senator Forrester (R) and Representative Gary Richards (D). Committee assignments: I got Public Works and Highways. David Karrick got Ways and Means. I have had many requests from constituents on topics ranging from school board rules to wind farm information to animal rights. […]

Why AE/MS Needs Full-Day Kindergarten

Half-day program is a disadvantage for Andover kids

By Laura Witt, AE/MS Kindergarten Teacher
Why AE/MS Needs Full-Day Kindergarten

(For a photo of the afternoon kindergarten class, look here.) A warrant article proposing full-day kindergarten at AE/MS will be voted on at School District Meeting on Monday, March 4. As parents and as professionals, we have all felt the need for a few more hours in the day. This is certainly the case in […]

Why AE/MS Needs A Reading Specialist

CCSS reading mandates make the need critical

By Gretchen Hildebrand, AE/MS Second Grade Teacher

The budget to be voted on at School District Meeting on Monday, March 4, will include money to hire a reading specialist at AE/MS. Andover Elementary/Middle School, like all other New Hampshire schools and those of most of the United States, is trying to embrace the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). As some in the […]

Wanted: Candidates For Town Boards And Committees

Too busy? No excuse! This is important work.

By Dennis Fenton, Andover Board of Selectmen (retired)

Dennis Fenton, a long-time member of the Board of Selectmen, wrote these words in 2009 when he decided to retire from the Board. With his permission, we’re re-running this to encourage people to consider becoming a candidate. First, the fact that you are busy is not a legitimate excuse! Everyone can use that one, but […]

The Free State Project

By Dean Barker

The Free State Project, an anti-government movement, was first proposed in 2001 by Jason Sorens, a professor from New York. From his manifesto: “What I propose is a Free State Project, in which freedom-minded people of all stripes … establish residence in a small state and take over the state government…. Once we’ve taken over […]

Andover Constitutional Freedom Alliance: Freedom Isn’t Free

By Sandra Williams, Andover Constitutional Freedom Alliance

Sandra Williams delivered this speech at the October 23 meeting of the newly-formed Andover Constitutional Freedom Alliance (ACFA) at the Masonic Hall in Potter Place. The ACFA plans to have another meeting there on Tuesday, November 27, at 7 PM. For more information, visit its page on Facebook, or contact Sandy at 735-5404 or LdyFlwr@nullmsn.com. […]

Jenn Coffey Works To Make A Difference

By Jennifer Coffey

People who read Larry Chase’s letter in the last issue of the Beacon might gather that I am an amateur author with a penchant for preserving our rights as parents, as individuals, and as a nation. Like the generations before us, I learned from my parents and grandparents that government is not here to meet […]

Votes Based On Ideology Have Hurt New Hampshire

By Mary Anne Broshek

Before the last election, I wrote a letter giving reasons why I was voting for state Democrats. I listed the amazing national rankings New Hampshire had received under the previous four years of a Democratic legislature and before that when we had a legislature of moderate Republicans and Democrats who worked together – no ideology, […]