Letter: Thank You

By Howard Wilson, Vice-Chair, LPNH

I would like to thank the individuals or organization, for the delivery of foods and good counterfeit (as violates the US Constitution, Article 1, section 8). Your delivery was not noted until after you (whoever) had left all that food and the delivery note on my porch. If a church plate was passed, I thank you. I will note […]

Letter: Freer Than Thee

Eliminating building inspections is a Libertarian step

By Howard Wilson, Vice-Chair, LPNH

I read in the November Beacon that changes to Town building codes eliminated a cost item, namely building inspection. There are more Libertarian ways of doing things, such as doing away with zoning (Grafton never started), so Andover’s effort to terminate Town inspections is a step in the right/Libertarian direction. For Liberty, Howard L. Wilson […]

Letter: Beacon Helps Make Connections

Web site connects Blazing Star Grange to ASLPT

By Phyllis Rockwell, Blazing Star Grange #71, Danbury

Your wonderful paper has helped me out tremendously. I was cruising AndoverBeacon.com and came across the New Fields, Old Fields workshop sponsored by the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust (ASLPT) on October 19. I spoke with Beth McGuinn at ASLPT and decided what one of the presentations for our Sustainability program at the Blazing Star […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: October 2013

Medicaid expansion up for vote in November

By Mario Ratzki, NH Representative

The Medicaid Expansion Commission has just released its findings and recommendations. It is saying Yes to expansion and would establish a New Hampshire hybrid system of federal, state, and private health insurances. Some people would be covered under Medicaid, others with the state Health Insurance Premium Payment program, and others with federally-subsidized health care coverage […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: September 2013

Andover hosts NH DOT 10-year plan meeting

By Mario Ratzki, NH Representative

It has been a quiet few weeks in Concord. The commission to study Medicaid expansion has had several meetings, some public, and is nearing a decision. Plenty of rumors abound; one would have the State accept the expansion for a three-year trial, during which the Feds would pay for 100% of the program. The gaming […]

We Need to Approve Medicaid Expansion Now

Other states will use our money if we don't

By David Karrick, New Hampshire State Representative

As one of Andover’s elected state representatives, I attended the August 27 public hearing on Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire at the State House. The committee studying expansion is made up of six senators and six representatives from both parties, as well as three public members. Forty-nine citizens testified at the hearing; 44 were in […]

State Rep David Karrick Summarizes Legislative Year

By David Karrick, NH State Representative

To the residents of Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Warner, and Webster: It has been a very interesting eight months for those of us newly elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2012. We woke up the morning after Election Day to the news that the Democratic Party had a comfortable majority of 221 of […]

Letter: Spirit of Volunteerism

As a resident of Andover for most of my life, I have always known that the spirit of volunteerism is strong in our community. Since assuming the position of Town Administrator, I have come to realize the scope of that commitment. There are too many people and positions to list, so I would like to […]

Letter: Acts of Kindness

First, I want to thank all those of the community who provided assistance and acts of kindness following my recent adverse health episode – visitors at Franklin Regional Hospital, rides to and from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital, casseroles, deserts, the singing card, visits from the AE/MS students, and many more acts of kindness, as I suddenly became […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: August 2013

House reconvenes in September

By Mario Ratzki, NH House Representative

An interesting fact of legislative rule is that a defeated bill cannot simply be reintroduced in the following year, without substantial changes. The Gaming Commission now meeting in Concord, with members appointed by the Governor, the Senate, and the House Speaker, is working to address some of the issues that caused the casino bill to […]

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