AE/MS Basketball Teams Thank Michael Jensen

COVID made it a challenging season

The 2021-22 AE/MS Eagles boys and girls basketball teams would like to show our appreciation for Michael Jensen, who was not only the boys coach but also the Athletic Director dealing with all of the scheduling and rescheduling of teams and officials with all the COVID challenges this year. 

AE/MS Boys Basketball Played as a Team Through Challenging Season

Focused on good sportsmanship

By Michael Jensen
AE/MS Boys Basketball Played as a Team Through Challenging Season

The 2021-22 AE/MS Boys Basketball team’s season got off to a strong start in December. The boys practiced their skills, learned the offense, and developed their understanding of playing team basketball. The team faced challenges throughout the season. COVID made practices and games difficult, but the team carried on and had a successful season. The […]

Girls Basketball Completes 11-Game Winning Season

Even the losses were near-wins

By Lauren Koron
Girls Basketball Completes 11-Game Winning Season

The 2021-22 AE/MS Girls Basketball team’s season started in early December as the girls got back into gear, polishing off the rust and working on their skills. They came together as a team, coached by Lauren Koron and Katelyn Churchill. The winter play production prevented full-court practice or any home games at the start of […]

Successful Remote Learning Day at AE/MS Proves Practice Makes Perfect

February 4 was first remote learning "snow" day

By Kasey Schoch

Mention the words “remote learning” to any student, parent, teacher, or administrator and there is a solid  chance that you will receive an eye roll or some other negative reaction.  After all, it didn’t seem to be a very successful “experiment” back in the spring of 2020.  It was nobody’s fault. Nobody involved in the […]

“Return to Normalcy” Plan Removes Indoor Masking Requirement

Challenges remain, but there is optimism

By Dennis Dobe

Although it seems that it will take a very long time for all things to return to normal in our school and community after the most devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to make substantial gains toward restoring normal conditions for students, staff, and families at AE/MS. After a fall of 2021 rich […]

The Wizard of Oz Finally Makes Its Return to AE/MS

Play had been put on hold due to COVID

By Aubrey Simard (8th grade) and Kasey Schoch (ELA Teacher)

Two years ago, when COVID-19 shut down schools, The Wizard of Oz was less than two weeks away from opening night. Sadly, the performance that the cast worked so hard on was never able to be presented to the community.  Finally, the show did go on! Since most of the roles were held by students […]

Sixth Grader Ember Morgan Earns First Place Award for Peace Poster

Lions Club sponsors Peace Poster contest

By Ella Rodgers
Sixth Grader Ember Morgan Earns First Place Award for Peace Poster

Andover Elementary/Middle School has hosted its annual Peace Poster contest for grades six through eight. Every year there is a different prompt, with this year’s being “How we are all connected.” The Andover Lions Club sponsored and organized the event, but Courtney Minnehan, AE/MS art teacher, is credited for working with the students during school […]

AE/MS Returns to Greater “Normalcy” Despite COVID Challenges

Masks required indoors, but no distancing

By Dennis Dobe

It has been a very busy and productive fall and winter here at AE/MS.  Despite the many challenges and complications presented by the pandemic (the greatest of which is the disruption caused by COVID-related student and staff absences), I am pleased to announce that we are doing very well at AE/MS.  Amazingly, we find ourselves […]