Andover’s MVHS Seniors Show Their Best Work

Senior Project Roadshow on April 17 at AE/MS

By Charlie Darling, Beacon staff
Andover’s MVHS Seniors Show Their Best Work

Andover’s MVHS ’14 students showed off their Senior Projects at MVHS last month. Senior Project represents the culmination of a student’s work at MVHS, and each senior is required to pick a topic that will challenge them and make them stretch. Completing a senior project is a graduation requirement, and doing so is no walk […]

MVHS Honor Roll, Semester 1, 2014

Andover students

Merrimack Valley High School 2013-2014 Semester 1 Honor Roll – Andover Class of 2014 High Honors Katelyn Ashburn, Skyler Smith Class of 2014 Honors Haley Adams, Jacob Chaplain, Devynne Dlubac, Logan Donovan, Brooke Ellis, Rebekah Stearns Class of 2015 Honors Vincent Bolte, Shannon Haley, Austin Hawks, Alyson Mullett, Shelby Perreault, Nicholas Terwilliger, Amy Wittel Class of […]

Senior Project at MVHS Focuses on Food Drive

Brooke Ellis involves AE/MS students in food drive

By Brooke Ellis, MVHS '14

Every senior at Merrimack Valley High School is required to do what is referred to as The Senior Project. Going into it, all I knew was that I wanted to use this opportunity to help those in need in my community. After researching hunger in the United States, I found that although there are many […]

Dakota Shedd Attends Medical Conference

Selected for academic excellence

Press release
Dakota Shedd Attends Medical Conference

Merrimack Valley High School Principal Mike Jette and Guidance Counseler Mark Ciarametaro announce with pride that Anna McFarlin, daughter of Jessica and Jack McFarlin of Penacook, and Dakota Shedd, daughter of Jennifer Michael of Penacook and Jeremy Shedd of East Andover, will represent Merrimack Valley High School at the 2014 Congress of Future Medical Leaders […]

Harlem Wizards Face Mr. Tucker in Benefit Basketball Game

Wednesday, February 5 at MVHS

Press release

The Harlem Wizards are coming to Merrimack Valley High School on Wednesday, February 5, at 7 PM to play in a trick basketball game with teachers from local schools. Teachers from Boscawen, Penacook, Webster, Salisbury, and Loudon, as well as Andover Elementary/Middle Schools own athletic director, Jim Tucker, will play in the game. Beyond the […]

Area Scams Refer to MVHS

Scammers contacting local businesses, going door-to-door

By Mike Jette, MVHS Principal

We have received several complaints about people knocking on doors in the Penacook area soliciting money for needy students at MVHS. In some cases they mention a “food coop” or a “food drive.” Please be aware that we do not allow students to solicit door-to-door. The Concord Police are aware of this activity. If you […]

MVHS 2012-2013 Year-End Honor Roll

Class of 2013 High Honors Ethan Barton, Kristi Perreault, Daiquiri Przybyla Class of 2013 Honors Jason Ashburn, Timothy Bates, Jenna Davis, Timothy Grover, Brian Jackson, Alexis King, Mariah Lansdown, Marissa Laro Class of 2014 High Honors Rebekah Stearns Class of 2014 Honors Katelyn Ashburn, Brooke Ellis, Skyler Smith Class of 2015 Honors Nicole Barton, Vincent […]

Kristi Perreault’s Salutatorian Speech at MVHS Graduation

Kristi looks back at four amazing years and to a bright future

By Kristi Perreault, MVHS '13 Salutatorian
Kristi Perreault’s Salutatorian Speech at MVHS Graduation

As the senior with the second-highest grade point average over four years, Andover’s Kristi Perreault had the honor of writing and delivering the salutatorian speech at MVHS graduation on June 15. Here is the text of her speech. Our journey together began in the fall of our freshmen year here at Merrimack Valley High School. […]