Life at AE/MS: Galaxy Guy

Life at AE/MS: Galaxy Guy

Oliver Andrews poses for a moment as Galaxy Guy during Spirit Week at AE/MS. Photo: Jen Bent

Golf Tournament to Raise Funds for MVHS Music Trip

May 18 tee-off at Loudon Country Club

Press release

The Merrimack Valley High School (MVHS) Music Boosters, which provides support to the band and chorus, is having its second annual golf tournament on Saturday, May 18 at Loudon Country Club. The cost is $75 per person, or $300 per 4-man team, and includes 18 holes of golf, golf cart, meal, and various awards. The […]

MVHS Honor Roll, 2012-2013, Semester 1

Just the Andover students

Class of 2013 High Honors Jason Ashburn, Brian Jackson, Alexis King, Mariah Lansdown-Howard, Kristi Perreault, Daiquiri Przybyla Class of 2013 Honors Timothy Bates, Stephanie Croteau, Jenna Davis, Shrief Elmasry, Timothy Grover, Marissa Laro, Philemont Ponzi Class of 2014 High Honors Rebekah Stearns Class of 2014 Honors Haley Adams, Katelyn Ashburn, Kyle Keller, Emily Lance, Skyler […]

AE/MS Holds Spring Book Fair

At AE/MS April 8 to 12, plus online April 3 to 23

By Jane Slayton, Principal, AE/MS

The Andover Elementary/Middle School will be having its Spring Book Fair from Monday, April 8 through Friday, April 12 this year. Book fairs are a wonderful way to help children get excited about reading by giving them the opportunity to choose reading materials they are interested in to create or add to their own home […]

Andover Middle School Enjoys Another Great Basketball Season

Teams show excitement, improvement on the court

By Andover Athletic Department

The AE/MS middle school basketball teams completed its 2012-2013 season with a great deal of excitement and fun. The teams capped of their season with a celebration night with the parents. Sunapee Lakers The Sunapee Lakers came to town. The AE/MS girls started the night off well, at the end of the first half trailing […]

AE/MS Celebrates Chinese New Year 4711

4711 is the year of the snake

By Linda DeMinico, AE/MS art teacher
AE/MS Celebrates Chinese New Year 4711

Happy New Year! Chinese people recently celebrated the New Year, which is now 4711. In Chinese culture, the zodiac is a part of the celebration. This is the year of the snake. Our fourth grade students heard the story of the good dragons who, during a time of no rain, helped the Chinese people by […]

Planning Under Way for AE/MS SHARE Day

See How The Arts Reach Everyone (SHARE)

By Gisela Darling, SHARE Day Co-ordinator

SHARE (See How the Arts Reach Everyone) Day will take place at the Andover Elementary/Middle School on Friday, May 17. SHARE Day was started in 1989 by the small, but very active, PTO and has been a fun day for the students ever since then. This special day brings artists, craftspeople, and musicians from Andover […]

Proctor Students Organize an Andover Food Pantry Fundraiser

By Chuck Will, Proctor Academy

During the second week of February, the Proctor Student Leadership group organized an Andover Food Pantry fundraiser. Students sold paper hearts in the dining hall during lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of that week, with the different classes competing to see which one could buy the most hearts. Faculty and staff got involve as […]

AE/MS Eats at Its Heart-Healthy Restaurant

New foods include elephant toes

By Gretchen Hildebrand, AE/MS
AE/MS Eats at Its Heart-Healthy Restaurant

AE/MS second graders once again put on quite a spread for their annual heart-healthy restaurant. In preparation, the students had to study about what foods are healthy and what makes a balanced diet. They practiced the math of adding money and making change. Finally, they had to make the decision of what they each wanted […]

AE/MS Holds Annual Geography Bee

By Jim Tucker, AE/MS Social Studies Teacher
AE/MS Holds Annual Geography Bee

The Geography Bee became center stage for ten geography wizards of Andover Elementary/Middle School this past week. The title of AE/MS Geography Bee Champion is a much-coveted position. The competition began with every student in grades five through eight competing for a spot in the second round of the Geography Bee. With questions ranging from […]

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