Notice of Public Session: Corrections to the Voter Checklist

Press release

The Voter Checklist for Andover will be posted at the Andover Town Office for public review by Tuesday, August 16. A public session of the Supervisors of the Checklist will be held on Saturday, September 3, at 10 AM at the Andover Town Office to make any necessary corrections to the Voter Checklist. This public […]

Town Officials Offer Thanks to Jon and Joane Champagne

They stepped in to help where needed

By Marjorie Roy and Andover Select Board

Thank you, Jon Champagne! A long overdue “Thank you!” goes out to Jon and Joane Champagne.  In the Town’s time of need, Jon stepped up to be Road Agent for two years and, of course, that meant Joane stepped up to do the required bookkeeping and recordkeeping. Small town America was built on neighbor helping […]

Draft Zoning Changes for Village Tackles Housing Shortage

Public hearings on August 9 and September 13

By Ken Wells

The Andover Planning Board is tackling the challenging housing crunch that many are experiencing in Andover. In an article published in the July issue of The Andover Beacon, the grave problems caused by our region’s shortage of workforce housing were explained in some detail. [You can read the July article at]  In short, new […]

Fourth of July Raffle Results in 57 Happy Winners

Thank you to the participating businesses

By Judy Perreault

The Andover Fourth of July raffle was a big success, with 57 happy winners. Winning tickets were picked by an independent person who was not associated with the Fourth of July Committee and had not bought any tickets. Prizes were arranged from the most expensive to the least, and as tickets were picked they went […]

Draft of Proposed Changes to Zoning Regulations

Public hearings in August and September

By Andover Planning Board

These changes will be presented in public hearings on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 and Tuesday, September 13, 2022 at 7 PM in the Andover Town Hall. Article V: Zoning District Regulations – Working Draft D. Village District (Zone V) 1. Permitted uses: – Neighborhood stores for the retail sale of new goods – Neighborhood service […]

Fire Department Makes Plans for Fourth of July; Snow Cones and Kayak Tickets

Annual BBQ on July 30 in East Andover

By Rene Lefebvre

I think that many of us had no idea how much COVID-19 would change our daily lives. We know that we needed to do what was necessary to help each other and get this behind us. Though not necessarily gone, we do feel it is safe to come out and enjoy our freedom again. What […]

Andover Police Department May 2022

Press release

The Andover Police Department handled 170 calls for service during May, including: Abandoned Vehicle: 2 Assist Citizen: 6 Child Abuse: 2 Civil Issue/Stand-by: 4 Dog Loose: 4 Dog Barking: 2 Domestic Dispute: 1 Keep the Peace: 2 Manner of Operation: 6 Public Relations Talk: 1 Road Hazard/Obstruction: 4 Sexual Assault: 2 Sexual/Obscene Material: 1 Shots […]

Fourth of July Promises to be a Fun-Filled Day for Andover

You're invited to enter a float in the parade

Press release
Fourth of July Promises to be a Fun-Filled Day for Andover

The Andover Fourth of July Committee is busy putting the finishing touches on what will be a fun-filled day for Andover. If we go back to the origins of Andover’s Fourth of July celebration, the town’s children were at the forefront. That holds true even today. There will be lots of fun things for kids […]

Time Counts in an Emergency; Have ID and Instructions Ready

Vial of LIfe form available on internet

By Andrew Perkins

Have you ever had to call 911 for a medical emergency? Chances are it was not a calm experience, depending on the problem. Whether it is a family member, friend, or even your own emergency, important medical information written down and readily available can save valuable time for first responders. Relevant information such as full […]

Successful Use of Beaver Deceivers Attracts Attention; Avoids Floods

Device prevents damage; saves money

By Vicky Mishcon

I have received inquiries about the Beaver Deceiver program here in Andover from some pretty interesting places. People from all over the country find their roads and properties are an ideal beaver habitat and are looking for ways to co-exist. Most recently, I received a call from a limnologist (a scientist who studies the characteristics […]

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