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false null General Election 2020 Candidate for Executive Councilor

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true 1/24/21 East Andover Village Preschool Welcomes New Director
true 1/25/21 Proctor Launches Three Off-Campus Winter Programs
true 1/26/21 Maintenance Adds Lights to Proctor Pond's Skating Area
true 1/26/21 New Book Pairs Historical Photos with Inspired Poetry
true 1/27/21 Bachelder Library New Acquisitions January 2021
true 1/27/21 Andover Fire Department Seeks New Volunteers
true 1/27/21 On-Campus Quarantine Follows Return of Students to Proctor
true 1/28/21 You Can't Be Serious! Ice Fishing without a Hole?
true 1/28/21 Wilmot Library Presents Program on the First Amendment
true 1/29/21 Andover Service Club Begins 2021 Scholarship Process
true 1/29/21 Winner of Deer Pool Bags 233-Pound Eight-Pointer
true 1/30/21 Walter Walker is Wilmot's New Boston Post Cane Holder
true 1/31/21 Climate Change Leadership Academy 2021 Solicits Applications
true 1/31/21 Andover Fish and Game Club Schedules Ice Fishing Derby
true 2/1/21 Sand for Andover Residential Use Is Available at Transfer Station
true 2/1/21 Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Hosts Wild Winter Walks
true 2/2/21 Town Meeting 2021 Date and Logistics Not Yet Clear
true 2/2/21 Black Heritage Trail Makes Andover Its Latest Stop
true 2/2/21 Chapin Senior Center February 2021 Program List
true 2/3/21 Beacon Seeks a Volunteer to Help with Social Media
true 2/4/21 New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Seeks Candidates for Board
true 2/4/21 Andover Post Office Receives Gratitude For Service
true 2/5/21 The Hub Continues to Organize Virtual Programs and Events
true 2/6/21 AARP Offers Income Tax Preparation at the Hub
true 2/7/21 Through the Reading Glasses - February 2021
true 2/8/21 Library Newsletter Updates Readers on Best Books; State Library
true 2/9/21 Andover Library New Acquisitions January 2021
true 2/9/21 Andover Libraries Offer Congratulations to Raffle and Reading Winners
true 2/11/21 Andover Sisters Wake Up With America
true 2/13/21 Local Real Estate Markets Remain Strong Into 2021
true 2/15/21 Dr. Mishcon of Tilton Medical To Retire After 42 Years
true 2/15/21 Hub Sponsors Virtual Presentation About KCOA
true 3/9/21 Andover Rec Basketball Keeps Kids Active This Winter
true 3/11/21 Andover Real Estate Transactions November to January


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true 1/23/21 Barred Owl Spotted by Andover Resident
true 1/23/21 Library Announces Temporary Relocation of Entrance for Patrons
true 1/22/21 Andover Conservation Commission Minutes - November 11, 2020
true 1/21/21 COVID in Andover Rises Significantly in Two Months
true 1/21/21 Wilmot Ladies Aid Society Presents Merit Awards
true 1/20/21 Andover Police Department, December 2020
true 1/19/21 Andover Police Department, November 2020
true 1/18/21 Hub Raises $5,000 to Help Andover Families
true 1/2/21 Frank Baker Jr., December 18, 2020
true 1/1/21 Andover's Snowfall Makes the Boston News!
true 12/31/20 2020 Was a Year of Changes at the Town Clerk's Office