• It’s vital that the community sees this campaign as 1) Efficient and 2) Respectful.

  • There’s a lot of deep thought underlying this campaign, and it’s all documented in detail in the Canvasser’s FAQs. Please read as much as interests you.


  • Charlie will send you links to two lists on the Web that together contain everyone who hasn’t donated to the Beacon this year
    • List 1: Have donated to the Beacon before, but not yet this year

    • List 2: Have never donated to the Beacon

  • Go to the two lists of potential donors and pick the people you’re comfortable canvassing

    • Pick as many or as few as you can realistically handle during October

  • Very important: Only approach the people on your list!

  • E-mail; letter; phone call; knock on their door; run into them around town

  • The Leave-Behind document is invaluable for you and for them

    • Print your own on bright yellow paper (which we can provide), or we’ll print them for you

  • The Take-Away document is for our record-keeping

    • Keep track of how you contact each person and when they say they’ll donate


  • All the resources you should need are online at

  • You can type that address into your browser’s or find it this way:
    • Go to

    • In the light-gray list of choices, click the down-arrow

      to the right of “Help the Beacon”

    • In the drop-down menu that appears, click on “It’s Up to All of Us…”

    • In the page that appears, scroll down to “Canvassers: Your materials are here.”