Through the Reading Glasses, August 2017

By Janet Moore, Library Trustee

August is the season of thanks, for plentiful rain and just enough sun, for time to reflect and relate, for gardens and green trees, and for time to read. Among the many books scattered around the house are Field Guide to the New England Alpine Summits, The Hate U Give, The Invention of Nature: Alexander Humboldt's New World, Beyond Infinity: An Expedition to the Outer Limits of Mathematics, and The Trouble with Goats and Sheep: A Novel. Lots of time on the porch is in order.

And speaking of books…the libraries staged a very successful book sale on July 4th and took grand prize for their float, showcasing libraries in 1942 and 2017. Priscilla Poulin masterminded the entire sale, from sorting donations to packing up leftovers. Thank you, Priscilla, for carrying this tradition forward with so much skill and good heartedness! Deb Brower captained the float, with Alita Phelps, Caroline Moulton, and Janet Moore chipping in furniture, props, and construction time. Billy Sanborn was our experienced truck driver and flatbed renovator and Mark Cowdry once again donated family as library patrons. Thanks to all of the above, Susan Schnare, and Gail Richards for their time at the table inside the Stone Chapel, and to Jesse Schust for on the spot help packing up at the end of a very long Fourth.