Andover Boy Scouts Stay Busy all Summer

Next meeting Monday, September 18 from 6:30 to 7:30

By Doug Bent, Scoutmaster Troop 489
Cardigan scouts summit: left to right Ethan Fecteau, Dana Buswell, Hayden Buswell, Dillan Reed, Matt Bent

The Boy Scouts have been active this summer and have participated in several community service projects. We would like to thank everyone that participated in the Firecracker 5k, which is a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts/ Cub Scouts and the track program at AE/MS. The scouts also moved books for the Andover libraries to the Proctor Chapel for the Fourth of July book sale, and helped with the auction at the Historical Society Auction at Potter Place.

The last campout was held in June at Mt. Cardigan. We arrived to a rain soaked campground, put up tents, got a fire going in the rain to cook our dinner. The next day consisted of a slippery hike up Holt trail, to everyone’s surprise it was more challenging than expected, but exciting and very successful.

Two months ago the Boy Scouts were enveloped in a very polarized political climate with a speech given during the National Boy Scout Jamboree. The Boy Scouts prides itself with being a civic organization and avoids politics as a policy. Although citizenship is a central ideal in scouts, politics and political views are not discussed.

The Scouts will begin to have regular meetings starting Monday, September 18, from 6:30- 7:30 PM, and meet at the Andover Annex (the Hamp House). Any boy who enjoys camping and would like to develop other outdoor skills, and is twelve years of age or has finished the fifth grade, is welcome to join. The Boy Scouts would like to thank everyone that has volunteered their time, materials, and money.