Select Board Minutes, August 21, 2017

Condensed from approved minutes

PRESENT: Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Vicky Mishcon, Jim Delaney, and Dave Blinn, Select Board; New Hampshire Department of Transportation Representatives, Scott Davis, Sean James, and Ed Weingardner; Chief Glenn Laramie; Peter Zak; Alex Bernhard; Myra Maynan; Jim Phelps and Jessica Hatch, Danbury Select Board.

PUBLIC HEARING: Unanticipated Revenue of $86, 062.34 from the Highway Block Grant

The Board opened up the Public Hearing at 6:15 PM Delaney made the motion to accept the $86, 062.34 from the Highway Block Grant. Blinn seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed. There was no public comment. The Board will decide at a work session how best to utilize these funds. The funds need to be for highway projects or equipment. The funds are available this year. The fund does not lapse if not used this year.


The Danbury Select Board was invited to hear the presentation tonight. There are two bridges in Andover and one in Danbury that will be affected. One of Andover’s bridges crosses over Pleasant Stream (Bridge # 044/088). The other Andover bridge crosses over the Blackwater River (Bridge #120/092). DOT explained briefly the basics of what the repairs will be to all three bridges. The project will be done in two phases and then a final phase.

DOT hopes to gain more federal funding. Currently, the cost is $1.6 million for the three bridges. DOT plans to advertise the projects in September. If the funding is not there, it will be advertised in November of this year. It is expected to take approximately 6-8 weeks per phase to complete the bridge work.

DOT’s plan is to detour oversized truck traffic through Plains Road. Delaney indicated he would like to see Switch Road used for the detour instead. Thompson does not wish any town roads used for these detours due to past damage to roads when the State worked here in Andover. Previously, the detoured roads after too much traffic and large trucks using them, the roads deteriorated very quickly. DOT stated that the plan is not to divert all truck traffic, just trucks beyond the legal width; only the wide load trucks. It will be a very small percentage of traffic detoured during the projects. It was estimated that only 4% of the traffic coming through will be truck traffic daily and within that only 1% will be oversized trucks. Delaney would like some type of written guarantee from the State in case any damage occurs from the oversize loads so that Andover is compensated.

DOT offered that they could use a drive van to check on the road cracks on the road used for detouring before the project begins, sometime during the project, and after the project is completed. Thompson indicated that information will only show the surface damage, not the underneath issues created.

DOT will post signs. Without the signs, trucks will not voluntarily drive the detour route because it adds approximately 1 ¾ miles to their trip.

DOT will ask Andover to sign a form that DOT is responsible for traffic control. DOT would like to utilize traffic flaggers instead of local law enforcement. However, it there is a potential issue where law enforcement is needed, DOT will request local enforcement, not the State Police.

Thompson will discuss the detour issues with the Select Board at a work session regarding the use of Plains or Switch Roads as the detour roads during the bridge repair.


The grader is still down. CAT came out and checked the electronics in the grader. The unit was repaired and CAT will return tomorrow afternoon to finish it. Then the grader should be up and running.

The highway crew has been ditching on Old College Road and Hoyt Roads. A culvert on Hoyt Road is all gone. A pipe has been ordered. Once the pipe is replaced, gravel will be added and the job will be completed.

Thompson spent a lot of time on Old College Road. That road would best be served, as some roads in the past were, by using the liquid oil treatment. However, that treatment is no longer allowed to be used on roads. The rain created more issues for Old College Road. Thompson believes this road needs to be taken care of like Maple Street by paving it. Thompson is concerned about going forward because it is a designated scenic road. Thompson is not sure what the procedure is for a scenic road. Thompson will gather some numbers and get in touch with the Planning Board for their input. If the road is paved, it will begin at the bottom of the turnout up to the stone wall by the Costa’s property.

Thompson indicated that the new Transfer Station employee, Peter Hinkley, did some work for him at the cemeteries and painted the Maple Street Bridge. Thompson was pleased with the work Hinkley did.

The Town Hall entrance work will begin on Monday, August 28, 2017 before Huckleberry Fuels arrives on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 to bury the propane tanks. The generator will not be moved.

Jim Shaw started the roadside mowing.


WORK SESSION: The next work session for the Board will be on Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 9 AM to discuss the following:

  • Bay Road issue
  • Old College Road
  • Sticker day, this Saturday, August 26th at the Transfer Station
  • Maple Street Water Issues created by Tucker Mountain Road water run-off


Peter Zak recently compiled a letter for the Select Board regarding the water coming down from Tucker Mountain Road. Zak, along with several of his neighbors, have been pumping water out of their properties because of the extra water runoff from Tucker Mountain Road. Zak would like all parties involved to find a solution. Zak believes the pipes were not installed properly, During the last two storms, the water that has been running down is a brown silt. The water needs to be diverted. Zak believes it’s a simple and inexpensive correction and won’t cause a hardship on anyone. Zak believes the issue needs to be corrected for the safety of people. Zak indicated the other neighbors involved are willing to work with the Town on this issue.


Alex Bernhard, representing Friends of the Northern Rail Trail, discussed with the Board along with Chief Laramie the issues of allowing ATV’s on the current Rail Trail. The Board all agreed along with Chief Laramie that ATV use on the Rail Trail is not a compatible use. At this time, no motorized traffic is allowed. The base for the Trail is not prepped for such ATV activity. ATV’s can cause significant damage to the base. Additionally, safety is a concern for the bicyclists, walkers, horseback riders, etc. who regularly enjoy the use of this trail in our town. If ATV’s were allowed, the current population that uses this trail might end up doing their activities on the main roads instead, Laramie said there are currently no issues on the rail trail through Andover and he would like it to stay that way. The Board and Laramie agreed that ATV use on the rail trail is not good for Andover.

Bernhard requested the Board sign the “A Resolution Opposing ATV’s on the Northern Rail Trail in Andover” letter. Delaney made the motion to sign the letter. Blinn seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed. All three Select Board members signed the letter.


Ben Saxon belongs to Capital City Chapter 19 of the Disabled American Veterans of New Hampshire. This is a non-profit organization raising funds for Veterans. Saxon stated that because it is a non-profit, the State does not require him to have a license for the mobile food cart. However, Saxon would like to find out if the Town requires a permit to set up the mobile food cart. Typically, they have been asked to set up the mobile food cart, but this is the first time he is soliciting to set up the food cart. Saxon wants to abide by whatever laws he needs to be in compliance to set up the mobile food cart.

Saxon spoke to the owner of the Blackwater Restaurant, Billy Sanborn, about putting a mobile food cart on the property while the restaurant is undergoing repairs due to a recent kitchen fire. The Board reviewed the permission letter Sanborn wrote for Saxon to use the Blackwater Restaurant parking lot to set up his mobile food cart during reconstruction.

Saxon will work within Sanborn’s time frame as far as the length of his stay. His basic hours of operation will be from 10 AM to approximately 2 PM, to catch the lunchtime crowd.

The Board will check with legal counsel and the Planning Board. After the Board is advised by legal counsel and the Planning Board, they will get in contact with Saxon.


The Board reviewed the minutes of July 17, 2017 and August 7, 2017. Blinn made the motion to accept the minutes of July 17, 2017. Mishcon seconded the motion. All in favor. Minutes of July 17, 2017 are approved.

Delaney made the motion to accept the August 7, 2017 minutes. Blinn seconded the motion. All in favor. Minutes of August 7, 2017 are approved. Mishcon abstained from the vote due to absence of that particular meeting


Public Service – Eversource Energy Pole License – Replacing a pole on Flaghole Road Signed by all three Board members.

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update – The Town of Andover Select Board accepted the Federal Fiscal Year 2016 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program (PDM) EMB-2017-PC-0001 agreement terms as presented. All three Select Board members signed and initialed the agreement. The total cost of the project to Update Andover’s Mitigation Plan is $8, 000.00 with Andover’s matching contribution of $2, 000.00. The agreement’s period of performance ends on August 30, 2019.