Growing Hope with Hospice Garden

Press Release

FRANKLIN – Think tranquility. Just for a bit. Forget the snow, the salt and the ice melt. Forget the stress of life and everything that’s pulling you in a million different directions at the same time. For just a moment, think flowers. Think of stones warmed by the sun, a celebration of the cycle of death and rebirth. Take a deep cleansing breath and hold it. Let it out, and as you push out that breath send with it all the stress and negative thoughts that crowd your mind. Now imagine a place built to help you do that, and not just you but everyone. This is the vision behind the Teuscher-Wilson Hospice Garden now coming to life at the Franklin VNA & Hospice.  The garden is named in memory of Kathy Wilson and Kathy Teuscher, two dedicated Franklin VNA & Hospice employees who started the Hospice program. It will feature flowers, a path leading to benches to rest and relax, and Kathy’s rock, a stone meditation circle. It will also feature a brick patio where anyone can purchase a memorial brick engraved with the name or message of their choice.
“The patio is truly the heart of the garden,” says Barbara Normandin, Franklin VNA & Hospice’s Executive Director. “Here is a space to remember a loved one, honor the work of the Hospice staff and volunteers and be present in a peaceful supportive place.”
Creating a garden is no small task.  Thankfully, Watts Water Technologies was early to recognize the importance of the project and to stand behind the Franklin VNA & Hospice as a Founding Donor.
Speaking with the Franklin VNA & Hospice, Mike Mullavey, a Design Engineer at Watts Water Technologies, reports, “We are so happy to help support your hospice garden project.” And their support isn’t simply the seed money. Showing genuine dedication to the importance of a memory and meditation space, Mike says, “The President of Watts, along with some other executive management staff, has expressed interest in visiting your facility to see the project first hand.”
They get that chance at the spring Dedication and Brick Laying Ceremony, along with all the families who sponsored bricks, others who supported the garden’s creation, like Janet Rosequist and her students at Winnisquam’s Agricultural program and the staff and volunteers of the Franklin VNA & Hospice program.  
Landscaping and patio laying are hard work, and wonderful experience. Winnisquam Regional High School’s Agricultural program is working in partnership with the VNA to have students get real-world experience developing the garden, paths and patio.
Not only does this offset the cost of creating this important space, but it helps integrate the garden into the community
Normandin stresses, “The community is welcome in the garden.  Everyone needs a safe, peaceful place for quiet and contemplation whether that is a local business owner down the street, the members of our grief support group, or a hospice volunteer.”
She also knows the value of partnership. She notes, “Watts is truly acting as a leader by supporting the community, and the Franklin VNA & Hospice. Without their support, there simply would not be a Memorial patio.”
Franklin VNA & Hospice is an independent, non-profit organization established in 1945 to serve the Home Health care needs of the community. They provide home care, Hospice, clinic and community education services to Andover, Belmont, Boscawen, Canterbury, Franklin, Hill, Northfield, Sanbornton, Salisbury, Tilton, Webster and surrounding towns, as requested. For more information on sponsoring a Memorial Brick or partnering with them for a stronger level of support for the Teuscher- Wilson Hospice Garden, call Franklin VNA & Hospice at (603)934-3454 or visit