AE/MS Students Compete in Historical Society Contest

Students create written, artistic, oral or visual projects

By Sarah Will, Andover Historical Society
Winners of the I Am History Too contest are Emma and William Watkins, (top), Mychal Reynolds (bottom Left) and Aubry Simard.

The Andover Historical Society is pleased to announce the winners of its new annual contest for the students of Andover Elementary and Middle School.  Mychal Reynolds (Grade 5) wins first prized for his project on Tim Norris and the Olympians of Andover. Aubrey Simard (Grade 4) wins second prize for her essay on Margo and Duncan Coolidge’s farm house.  Kaitlyn Stetson (Grade 2) wins first prize for her display on the Winter Hill Ice Company, and Emma and William Watkins (Grade 1) win for a wonderful display about the East Andover Village Preschool.

The contest, named “I Am History, Too,”  asks students to create a written, artistic, oral, or visual project which celebrates a person, place, or thing which they think is important in their lives today.  First through third grade, fourth through sixth, and seventh and eighth grades were eligible for fifty dollars for first place and twenty-five for second. The winning projects will be placed on display at the Historical Society this summer.