Donna Hartwell-Baker

By Donna Hartwell-Baker

Dear All,

It seemed that spring would never get here, but alas it has arrived! The ice went out of Highland Lake before dawn, today. (April 24th) However, for several days, the lake was half open and the open side has been busy with waterfowl.
I watched an adult loon swimming near Stella's Beach on Sunday evening. Tonight, I observed the loon swimming nearer the opening to the channel. My guess is that this is “our” father loon. As soon as I can verify by leg bands, I will let you know if this is the same loon we have had on the lake for several years. (If someone else can get a good look at the leg bands, please let me know!)  I expect “mother” loon to arrive very soon if she hasn't already. If you see the pair together – send me an email or leave a message on my phone. 735-5586
John Cooley of the NH Loon Preservation has asked to take the loon floating nest out of our lake to be used at another site. This floating nest which was built eight years ago and offered as a safer nesting site for our nesting loons has never been used. It currently is anchored off the island on the south side and for several years it has been used by a few painted turtles!
If you notice that it has disappeared it is because it is going to be relocated on another lake.

Lastly, If you get photos or if you have sightings of other birds, waterfowl on Highland Lake that you wish to share with LOON NEWS recipients, send them to me. I would be happy to send them out to everyone. Enjoy the moments. We are so blessed with our lakes and wildlife.
Loony Donna