Nice Work, Snowplow Folks!

By Larry Chase

Despite the heavy March 19 snowfall, there were several errands around town that  couldn’t be put off. Driving Routes 11 and 4, and secondary roads such as Plains, Switch, Chase Hill, Old College, Cilleyville, and others, I was struck by how effectively the storm was being fought. I wouldn’t have wanted to travel the same distance on the roads of […]

Letter: A Huge Thank You To Officer Dan Shaw

By Linda S. Barnes, Antiques and Artisans Too

An unfortunate recent incident at our shop resulted in the need to contact the Andover Police Department for assistance. Officer Dan Shaw responded immediately. He provided a thorough investigation and kept us up to date on its progress. His interactions with us – and with the individuals involved – were thoughtful and compassionate. In addition, […]

Letter: Thanks for Supporting the Service Club

By Mary Ofenloch, President, ASC

The ladies of the Andover Service Club (ASC) and I wish to express our best wishes to the Andover community and to neighbors in the surrounding towns who have supported ASC for the past year. You have helped us to fulfill our mission of service to the people of the community and the state. May […]

Letter: Report from Concord

By Mario Ratzki

As part of my function as State Representative, I will endeavor to keep Andover, Danbury, and Salisbury residents apprised of developments at the State House in Concord. As a newly elected State Representative, I have spent the last month in training sessions and caucus and committee meetings, culminating in the election of Ms. Norelli as […]

Letter: Attend Budget Hearings

By Tina Cotton

Town, school, fire, and water district budgets are shown in your tax bill. All fall, the various boards and committees have been formulating their budget requests for the Budget Committee’s consideration. Meetings are open for the public to have input on these proposed budgets. Final public hearings and deliberations of the Budget Committee will be […]

Letter: Thank You For Four Years In Concord

By Jenn Coffey

I wish to congratulate Mr. Ratzki on his election to the New Hampshire House and wish him well. I would like to thank the people of Andover, Salisbury, Canterbury, Northfield, and Loudon for the honor of serving as their voice in the legislature. It has been my privilege to represent you all these last four […]

Letter: Recycling and Patriotism

By Ken Tripp

America can no longer afford to be complacent about conserving its wealth of resources. Competition for the world’s resources is increasing dramatically as “third world” countries march toward development. Conservation of resources includes recycling our waste and creating products that can be exported. The more we export these goods, the better our economy. Recycling is […]

Letter: Choose Gary Johnson

By Howard Wilson

Listening to the so-called “president” debates, so far, I have heard no solution from either Obama or Romney as to the causes and cures for the inflation this nation suffers from, nor any real solution for the deficit all the inflation causes. Obama, I can agree, has done a whole lot of damage to the […]

Letter: Single Stream Recycling

By Ken Tripp

Our trash co-op has finally decided to abandon its single stream business venture. This means that Andover is no longer committed to participate in a single steam recycling (SSR) program. The Andover Board of Selectmen still feel that single stream is the wave of the future for Andover. We would most likely have to pay […]

Letter: Thanks So Much

By Mario Ratzki

To voters in Andover, Danbury, and Salisbury who endorsed me in the last Beacon issue: I appreciate your support and your help.