Town Meetings 2014

A special section of The Andover Beacon

Town Meetings 2014

  This month, voters in Andover are called upon to make important decisions that will set our taxes and guide our town for the coming year. We’ll elect over a dozen of our neighbors to positions in Town and School District governing bodies, and we’ll close the books on 2013 with the annual Town Report. […]

School District Warrant 2014

School District Meeting, March 3, 2014

Article 1: To see if the District will vote to accept the reports of Officials, Agents, Auditors, and/or Committees as printed in the School District report. Article 2: To see if the District will vote to authorize the School Board to make application for, to accept and expend on behalf of the District any and […]

Town Warrant 2014

Town Meeting, March 11, 2014

  The polls will be open from 11 AM to 7 PM on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. Articles 1 through 5, below, will be voted on during polling hours. By state law, Articles 1 through 5 cannot be voted on during Town Meeting, which begins after the polls close at 7 PM. Article 1: To […]

Board of Selectmen Minutes, February 3, 2014

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Selectmen Mishcon, Danforth, Town Administrator (TA) Roy, Road Agent Jon Champagne, John Thompson, Ed Becker, Mark Stetson representing Avitar, and Diane Frechette representing the Department of Revenue Municipal and Property Division. Selectman Coolidge was excused due to illness. Ed Becker came to the Board to discuss the Board’s decision to move to semi-annual tax […]

Why You Should Vote Yes on Zoning Amendments

Fix problems with current ordinances

By Paul Currier, Andover Planning Board

There will be four articles on the ballot this year that involve changes to the Andover Zoning Ordinance. Please vote yes on all four. Article I will add provisions for “equitable waivers” into the Zoning Ordinance, allowing the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) to grant waivers in cases where a violation of the ordinance is […]

Petitioned Warrant Article References Semi-Annual Tax Billing

Question of where authority lies

By Andover Board of Selectmen

A petitioned warrant article has been submitted for the purpose of “seeing what action the Town will take with regards to semi-annual property tax bills in accordance with New Hampshire RSA 76:15-b II.” This is somewhat confusing, because it references semi-annual tax billing in the text, but RSA 76:15-b II (cited in the warrant article) […]

Warrant Article Would Purchase New Police Cruiser Ahead of Schedule

Saves on maintenance by retiring old vehicles

By Andover Board of Selectmen

Presently, the Andover Police Department has four vehicles: a 2013 Ford SUV a cruiser purchased in 2008 a Suburban purchased used four years ago to be used only when a four-wheel-drive vehicle was needed an older cruiser used for construction detail work only and which is currently in need of repair If we get rid […]

Planning Ahead for Fixing the Lawrence Street Bridge

Becomes a one-lane bridge until replaced

By Andover Board of Selectmen

There has been a lot of talk about fixing the Lawrence Street Bridge, and the Selectmen were glad of the chance to meet with Senior Bridge Engineer Steve Liaikos this summer to review the status of the bridge. This bridge was built 84 years ago, in 1930, with I-beams and a concrete deck. The abutments […]

Why the Selectmen are Asking for a Bond Now

Projects complete in one year at $500,000 savings

By Andover Board of Selectmen

1. Oil Products: Costs of oil-based products are increasing every year, as does the price of paving. 2. Road Conditions: Deferring road/bridge improvement equals more deterioration and increased project costs. 3. Paving Costs: Current practice of paving approximately one mile of road per year is the most expensive option and the least cost effective way […]

Candidates – Executive Councilor: Joe Kenney

My name is Joe Kenney. I’m running on March 11 in the Special Election for Executive Council. I think it is very important that we have someone who has the experience to help constituents on Day 1. I will be able to pick up the phone and start answering questions and solving problems immediately for […]