Board of Selectmen Minutes, September 3, 2013

September 3 Condensed from approved minutes Present: Selectmen Mishcon, Danforth, Coolidge; Town Administrator Marj Roy, Road Agent Jon Champagne. At 6:01 PM, Mishcon opened the public hearing for review of new building permit fees. Also in attendance for this portion of the meeting was Dan Coolidge, chairperson of the Andover Zoning Board of Administration (ZBA). […]

Dr. Mike Martin, School Superintendent, to Retire at End of School Year

A quiet problem-solver, involved with many changes

By Don Gould, Andover School Board
Dr. Mike Martin, School Superintendent, to Retire at End of School Year

Superintendent Mike Martin will be retiring at the end of this school year, on June 30, 2014. A quiet problem-solver always focused on results that advance the curriculum and the buildings to  national leadership positions in both areas, Superintendent Martin holds both a Doctorate in Education and a Master of Business Administration, a unique combination […]

Major Fundraising Push Starts October 7

200 households aren't enough to keep the Beacon going!

By Charlie Darling, Beacon staff
Major Fundraising Push Starts October 7

The Beacon’s new fall fundraising campaign gets underway on October 7! That’s when our volunteer canvassers will start picking names of Andover residents who haven’t donated to the Beacon yet this year. If this is the first you’re hearing of this new initiative and why it’s vital to keeping the Beacon going, here’s a quick […]

Volunteer Bridge Engineer Helps Selectmen Plan Strategy

Six of 20 Town bridges need attention

By Vicky Mishcon, Board of Selectmen

In August, the Andover Board of Selectmen and the Andover Road Agent had an opportunity to meet with Steve Liakos, retired senior New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT) bridge engineer. Steve’s work for DOT now involves helping towns by explaining inspection reports and the State Bridge Aid Program and offering advice on bridge projects. We […]

Andover is Safer Now on Two Counts

Recent projects provide for better emergency management

By Rene Lefebvre, Chief, Andover Fire Department

We have had two improvements in Andover this summer that will make dealing with bad weather and other emergencies less stressful. The first is the road construction just east of the Andover village. The larger culverts and raised roadbed will greatly limit the chance of road flooding in that area. In the past, water over […]

Planning Board Minutes, August 27, 2013

Proctor plans for improvements to North Street approved

August 27 Condensed from approved minutes Members present: Paul Currier, Chair; Nancy Teach; Pat Moyer; Don Gould; Jon Warzocha, Vice Chair; and Wood Sutton. Harvey Pine, alternate, joined the meeting at 7:20 PM and was appointed to Duncan Coolidge’s position. Also present for duration of appropriate items: Will Ames and John Ferris, Proctor Academy; Bill […]

Town Minutes for August 2013

Board of Selectmen August 5 August 19 Planning Board August 13 August 27 Zoning Board of Adjustment August 20 August 27 Recreation Committee August 14 Conservation Commission August 14 School Board August 6