70 Years and Counting

70 Years and Counting

Going back to a time without computers, cell phones, Smart phones, Tablets, Kindles or any type of chip…

The Andover Poor Farm

The Andover Poor Farm

In earlier times, towns such as Andover had the moral and legal obligation to assist those townspeople in…

Andover Organizations



Stone Wall Mapping

NH Stone Wall Mapper You can’t help noticing the innumerable stone walls arrayed across the NH landscape, but then again perhaps they seem so…



“One of New England’s Finest Emerging Acts” Performs at Andover Coffeehouse

Bachelder Library New Acquisitions March 2019

Other Organizations

Mac & Cheese – yes, please!

Wilmot Ladies Aid Society Announces Merit Scholarship Winners


The Kitchen Eatery Opens on Main Street

Cutting Edge Aerobotics Company Calls Andover Home