70 Years and Counting

70 Years and Counting

Going back to a time without computers, cell phones, Smart phones, Tablets, Kindles or any type of chip…

The Andover Poor Farm

The Andover Poor Farm

In earlier times, towns such as Andover had the moral and legal obligation to assist those townspeople in…

SHARE Day 2019

The Andover Elementary/Middle School thanks all members of the community who made SHARE Day  2019 possible.…

Andover Organizations

Andover’s Oldest Homes

Is your home one of Andover’s oldest? Check out the list of 206 Andover homes “built before 1900” on page X…





Two Great Concerts Offered in July in New London

Andover Libraries News and Views

Other Organizations

Franklin VNA & Hospice Reminds Us to Stay Safe in the Sun

Bountiful Programs Prevail at the Wilmot Market


The Refinery Restaurant Plans to Open in June

New Horizons Hair Changes Hands