Thanks from the Waterstrats

On Friday morning, February 28, we woke to our smoke-filled home that started as a chimney fire which unfortunately turned into a three-alarm fire. Andover and 11 other towns responded in the bitter cold, putting their lives on the line going in and out of the house, doing everything possible to put out the fire. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the house was a total loss.

We had no idea that losing all of our possessions would have such an emotional impact on our family. The immediate and continuous outpouring of assistance of all kinds was totally overwhelming. We were in a state of shock and are very grateful for all the people, many of whom we did not know, that came forward to offer assistance and a place to stay.

Later that evening, we received a call from Megan Sweeney informing us she was planning a benefit dinner to be held for our family on Sunday, April 13. We would like to thank everyone involved in the planning and set up of this function. Steve and I understand the amount of time and energy that goes into organizing an event of this nature.

We would also like to thank everyone who came to the dinner for your support as well as everyone who sent us donations. Having never experienced such a disaster like this before in our lives, we were humbled to learn a very valuable life’s lesson: It is much easier to give than to receive.

Thank you again to the emergency medical team, all the firefighters, family, and friends for your continued support.

Thank you, also, to the following donors for the food, paper products, raffle items, etc. (per the list provided by Megan Sweeney):

Kevin and Cindy Conway; The Barley House, Concord; Pizza Chef, Andover, New London, and Franklin; Uno’s, Tilton; 99 Restaurant, Tilton; Cheers, Concord; Poulin Property Maintenance; Bensons, Franklin; Alan’s Restaurant, Boscawen; Crossroads Country Store, Salisbury; Walker Automotive, Wilmot; Mangles and Tangles, Penacook; Charlie Moore, the Mad Fisherman; Cali; Patrick and Drake Egan; Toby Locke; Cherrie Kneeland; Alicia Labelle; Belmont Country Store; New Hampshire Motor Speedway; Winnie Keyser; Grappone; Brookside Pizza, Belmont; D&D Country Market, Belmont; Chili’s, Tilton; Big Jim’s, Concord; Barton’s Performance; The Barn Store; Chief’s Place, Penacook; Marshall’s Florist, Boscawen; Studio 44, Boscawen; MooseMan; Gracie’s Creations; Michelle Keezer; Becki Marquis; Subway, Tilton and New London; Tilton Diner; Tanger Outlets; Weathervane, Chichester; and May Garden.

Our apologies if anyone was inadvertently missed.

Steve & Cindy Waterstrat
Kyle Wiley