News From The Annex For January 2013

From beehives to sledding to pigs in blankets!

By Diane Adams, AASP / AFAP
The Annex Kids are ready for an afternoon of sledding! L-r: Kaden Fanny, Liberty Spaulding, Ani Mcintyre, Caleb Warzocha, Emma Pine, Delaney Young, Maggie Kellogg, Kalee Keyser, Elliot Asbury, Hawk McCord, Hunter Hawk, Garrett Munson, Ryan Gotthardt. Photo: Diane Adams

Happy New Year everyone! We would like to thank everyone who participated in our fundraiser. We raised enough money to replace some old games and broken toys and restock arts and crafts.

We are especially proud of the donation we made to the Heifer International program. Heifer International has worked to bring help, healing, and hope to millions of impoverished families worldwide. We donated two beehives, which help families earn money through the sale of honey and beeswax. We also sent two flocks of chicks. For more information on this program, visit

The sleds are out! We are having loads of fun here at the AASP. The children look forward to sledding, and we finally have enough snow. I’m glad we have a great hill to make use of. They also enjoyed the new toys and games.

In our Five Alive program, we made lots of snowmen, snowflakes, and magnetic hot cocoa cups! The favorite cooking classes this month were cherry cobbler and the classic pigs in a blanket. These are appreciated by the after school kids, because they get to eat them!