COA Seniors Enjoy Weekday Walks In Proctor Gym

Walkers log over 4,800 miles in 2012

By Grace Stetson, COA volunteer
A few of the 77 walkers who together logged over 2,000 hours walking in the Proctor gym last year. Back: Jim Rayno, Shirley Currier, “Babe” Lightfoot, Bob Davis, Evelyn Davis, Grace Stetson, and Joyce Egge. Front: “Red” Soucy, John Lightfoot, Roger Henderson, George Kidder, and Mary Demers. Photo: Charlie Darling

COA Walking For Seniors continues every weekday morning in the Proctor gym. This program has been in existence for over 15 years. The hours are from 8 to 10 AM Monday through Friday, but you will find walkers there any time after 7:30 AM. Proctor doesn’t seem to have any problem with this.

In 2012, we had a total of 77 walkers who walked a distance of 4,832 miles. This, when converted to an average 25-minute mile, translates into 2,010 hours. This is down from last year, but I attribute this to the nice fall weather this year allowing some of our walkers to use the rail trail longer than usual.

We average from 12-16 walkers each day but this will increase with the onset of cold weather. For further information, call Grace Stetson at 735-5611. Do come and walk with us! We are a very friendly group.