Andover Boy Scouts To Meet In March

The Andover Boy Scouts on a camping trip in December: Hayden Buswell, Kyler Pilla, Jared Frost, Dillan Reed, Chase Davis, Matt Bent, and Keygan Sweeney.

A meeting of the Andover Boy Scouts will be held at the Andover Annex (the Hamp House) adjacent to AE/MS, March 4 from 6:30-7:30 PM. Any boy who has completed the Grade 5 or is eleven years old is eligible to sign up. Meetings are subject to change in location and times as activities such as swimming, riflery, wilderness survival skills, and CPR classes are planned for the spring. Due to the changing schedule, if unable to come to the March 4 meeting, contact Brian Reynolds or Doug Bent. Boys who like the outdoors, camping, and hiking and would like to learn new skills such as first aid, wilderness survival, and emergency preparedness are welcome to join.

Since September the boys have been hiking and camping once a month including the winter months, and we would like to thank the Woodlands Office at Proctor Academy and Dave Pilla for the use of the cabin this past winter. During these campouts, the boys have learned how to find a place to camp, set up camp (setting up tents in all weather including rain and winter cold), and start a cooking fire without using matches or a lighter. As leaders, we are there to guide and help the boys; but it us up to them to plan, and execute activities such as campouts on their own.

We are fortunate that several members of the community who are involved in heath care and law enforcement and a former military survival school instructor have volunteered to help teach the boys their particular skill.

Unfortunately, some of our boys lack camping supplies, and the troop is always in need of used camping supplies. If you would like to donate camping equipment, please call Brian Reynolds at 545-4102 or Doug Bent at 735-5847. As always, momentary donations are also appreciated.