Country Houses Real Estate is Now Coldwell Banker Lifestyles

Four Andover agents are part of the new firm

Press release

Country Houses Real Estate, one of the area’s largest real estate firms, has acquired Coldwell Banker Redpath of Hanover to become Coldwell Banker Lifestyles. The new firm is now the largest Coldwell Banker affiliate in New Hampshire, covering the Lake Sunapee and Dartmouth regions with more than 65 agents in five offices.

“We have always run our company based on the belief that we have an obligation to our agents, sellers, and buyers to provide them with the best resources available. In the current market atmosphere, franchising seemed a logical choice. After extensive research, we found Coldwell Banker was the unmatched leader,” said Joe Burns, a partner of Coldwell Banker Lifestyles.

Says Stefan Timbrell, another partner of Coldwell Banker Lifestyles, “We are thrilled to be placing an even greater emphasis on one of the most important aspects of the real estate transaction – the emotional and lifestyle investment people make in their homes. Our focus on this core value was a huge driving force in determining both which brand to affiliate ourselves with and the new name of the company, Coldwell Banker Lifestyles. We believe that to be completely satisfied with your investment, your home must match your lifestyle. This is what living in New Hampshire is all about.”

Four real estate agents from Andover are part of the new Coldwell Banker Lifestyles:

  • John Kinney, 496-3895
  • Debbie Martin, 748-2823
  • Charlie McCrave, 568-4195
  • Stacey Viandier, 229-7701

Coldwell Banker Lifestyles has five locations: 370 Main Street in New London; 8 West Wheelock in Hanover; 8 Soonipi Circle, Suite F, in Sunapee; 18 Pioneer Point in Grantham; and 15 Main Street in Warner. They can all be reached at 526-4020.