A Search for Ancestors

You could be related to original builders

By Larry Chase

The names of those listed below are identified in the Andover Town Report for the year ending March 1, 1880, as helping to build the “Town House” (aka the Old Town Hall) the year before.

Of these, the 2016 Andover-area telephone directory has listings for local residents named Baker (Andover, Salisbury, Webster, and Wilmot), Brown (Andover, New London, Plainfield, and Wilmot), Buswell (Andover), Hamilton (New London), Gray (Meriden, New London), Sanborn (Andover, Boscawen, New London, Salisbury, and Wilmot) and Woodbury (Meriden).

Are these, or other local residents, descendants of those who helped construct the old “Town House”? If yes, please identify yourselves by contacting andovercommunityspace@nullgmail.com. See below.

Hiram Fifield for land $75.00

John Buswell for stone work $114.40

A. R. Hamilton & C.W. Woodbury $750.00

Miller & Sanborn $5.00

A. R. Hamilton & C.W. Woodbury $273.15

Joseph Baker $134.40

James W. Scales $29.34

J. Horace Brown, stovepipe & fixtures $12.61

James W. Scales & Joseph Baker   $50.00

James W. Scales, cash for safe $150.00

James W. Scales, for fencing and grading $81.20

Joseph Baker, cash paid A. R. Hamilton $31.58

Joseph Baker, cash paid for cleaning   $3.00

Joseph Baker, cash paid for moving safe,

board of masons, and expense $16.50

A. R. Hamilton & C. W. Woodbury $200.00

Joseph Baker $43.52

W. H. Gray, for painting inside $17.50

Total  $1987.20