AASP Welcomes the New School Year

Autumn Harvest coming up October 21

By Shawna Otis, AASP Director

The school year came upon us fast this year! While school has just started, we are excited for the changes to come. We are beginning to serve our snack family style, in which the children are allowed to serve themselves to teach proper serving sizes, aid in motor development, and to give the kiddos a sense of empowerment. We are engaging in daily activities that will promote healthy and creative lifestyles, such as yoga, music, and baking. We are looking for visitors to help with these activities if you or someone you know may be interested in volunteering with a great group of children. We are also offering community events for fundraisers, so be on the look-out for information regarding our Autumn Harvest on Saturday, October 21 and other events like a chili cook-off and a dance-a-thon. We have a lot planned and we cannot wait to share more with the community. If you are interested in volunteering, looking for employment, interested in using our building, or looking for after school care, please contact Shawna Otis, Director, at andoverkids@nullyahoo.com or 603-735-6566.