AASP Kids Enjoy Helping

Fundraising events coming soon

By Shawna Otis, AASP Director

We have been in school for about one month now and our new changes have been met with positivity! We have implemented a chores chart in which every child is responsible to complete one task a week, such as cleaning the tables or sweeping the floors after snack time. The kids actually enjoy helping and feeling like they are contributing. It is taking a bit of practice, but the kids are really getting the hang of their tasks which rotate each week.

The kiddos are loving being able to serve themselves snack family style. They get to scoop out their own healthy portion of a fruit or vegetable, and typically a whole grain. The independence they feel beams off them and our environment has a much more positive feel than last year. We are still looking for visitors to help with weekly activities such as yoga, baking, or the sharing of a hobby if you or someone you know may be interested in volunteering with a great group of children.

We are also offering community events for fundraisers, so be on the lookout for information regarding our Autumn Harvest on Saturday, October 21, and other events like a chili cookoff and a dance-a-thon. We have a lot planned and we cannot wait to share more with the community. If you are interested in a spot at our Autumn Harvest vendor fair, volunteering, looking for employment, interested in using our building, or looking for after school care, please contact Shawna Otis, director, at andoverkids@nullyahoo.com or 603-735-6566. We are open on teacher workshops, holidays, snow days, and two-hour delays!