More Notes From Concord

By David Karrick

David Karrick is a former state representative and has announced his candidacy for the next election. He is a regular contributor to the Beacon.

Your State Representatives, Natalie Wells and Anne Copp, were at it again on February 15 in the NH Legislature. They both voted against HCR13 which condemns hate crimes and other forms of racism in New Hampshire. They were definitely in the minority here, the HCR passed on a bipartisan vote of 234 to 69.

They were in the majority, however, voting to kill HB 1566 which would have banned the open carry of firearms in hospitals, bars & liquor stores, churches, theaters, and public buildings like our State University.

They were also part of the majority that killed HB1213 which would have removed the exception for married minors from the current RSAs defining sexual assault. So if your spouse is underage he or she can still legally be sexually assaulted by you.