Slim Goodbody’s Musical Health Show Returns To AE/MS

By Christine Frost, AE/MS Nurse
Slim Goodbody came to AE/MS again this year with a powerful message about health and nutrition for the students. Photo: Charlie Darling

Fifty minutes of song, dance, and movement promoting self-respect and motivating children to be the best they can be was enjoyed by the entire AE/MS student body.

Slim Goodbody taught fundamentals of “Bodyology.” Students were educated about how their amazing bodies work, from the millions of tiny cells that make up their bodies all the way down to their digestive tracts!

Slim promoted healthy habits, such as eating nutritious meals and getting plenty of exercise and sleep. Students interacted with Slim as they sang out “I will never, ever smoke” as part of the drug and smoking prevention, “Lubba-dubba” as they learned about the incredible job their heart does, and “Down, down, down” as they learned about digestion. This show provided an entertaining and educational experience for all.