Report from Representative Wells

By Natalie Wells, State Representative

As I write this, the  House Session will meet two more times before winding down for this year.  It has been a very intense year for many bills. Some were signed into law, others may get reintroduced next Session.
Again I notice Mr. Karrick listing bills and how I voted. That’s fine. However, one sentence referencing a bill does not portray the many debates and explanations on how the outcome was to be. For example: SB500, “Allowing loaded firearms to be carried on OHRV or snowmobiles”: This was in reference to farmers on their OWN land to protect their cattle or other livestock from predators. So yes, I did vote for this.
In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys the summer months ahead. Please stop by at the Merrimack County Republican Booth at your famous 4th of July parade. I look forward to speaking with you.