Andover Select Board Approved Minutes 4/2/18

By Pat Moyer

Condensed from approved minutes

Meeting convened at 6:35 p.m.
Mishcon explained and apologized to the audience that the Board had to tend to a Non-Public Session and should return in fifteen minutes. Mishcon made a motion to go into Non-Public Session at 6:35 p.m. by Roll Call Vote
Mishcon    Yes Blinn Yes Keyser Yes
Closed Public Meeting at 6:35 PM.               Opened Non-Public Session at 6:40 PM.                 Closed Non-Public Session at 7:10 PM.          Re-opened Public Meeting at 7:15 p.m.

Members Present: Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Vicky Mishcon, SelectBoard Chair; Dave Blinn and Chuck Keyser, Select Board members; John Thompson, Road Agent; Elita Reed, Bookkeeper, and Police Chief Joseph Mahoney.


Also present were: Steve Barton, AJ Barton, Jocelyn Tanner, Todd Goings, Jon Champagne, Jim Reed, Kathy Hildebrand, Jane Hubbard, and John McDonald

Manifest Review
Mishcon read the list of expenditures for the two-week period ending March 30, 2018.
Accounts Payable $151, 088.00
Payroll $ 19, 695.00
For a grand total of $170, 783.00

Town Meeting Questions/Answers
Mishcon addressed the audience by stating that there were questions that were not answered at Town Meeting, but that she and Roy prepared a document explaining those answers. Mishcon provided the document for those who wished to take a copy. Additionally, the article will be in the May edition of the Beacon and also placed on the Town Website for review.


Approval of Minutes
After discussion, Mishcon made the motion to accept and approve the March 19, 2018 minutes as amended. Blinn seconded the motion. All in favor. Minutes of March 19, 2018 are approved as amended.


Old Business
White Oak Pit – a former Select Board member sent a letter to the Governor requesting the State deed over the property to the Town. Currently, Town Counsel is in the process of working out a solution with the State, also.
Elbow Pond Road Hydrology Study -The Board is in favor of moving forward on this project. As a member of the Town Fire Department, Steve Barton questioned when Elbow Pond Road was expected to be re-opened. The Board indicated that the intention was to re-open Elbow Pond Road at the end of the Summer.  
Bird’s Eye View Aerobotics – Mishcon indicated that this company has been very successful and the Town would like to keep the company in Town. The Board is working on finding a solution for the residents on Bridge Road who are hearing the drones when they are being tested out in Lenny Caron’s property. The company needs a minimum of 30-35 acres in order to test out the drones. Mishcon asked the audience if there were any suggestions. Steve Barton suggested Dawes Meadow at the top of Kearsarge Mountain Road past Gary Currier’s property.  The Board will look into this as an alternative to the Bridge Road site.
Comcast Franchise Renewal Meeting – The Board selected April 9 at 5 PM for Melissa Pierce to come renew the contract with the Town.
The Board also noted that they are invited to attend the Planning Board’s April 10 meeting at 7:15 PM..

New Business
Select Board Goal Setting – The following are suggested goals for 2018 prepared by Mishcon:
As priorities, the Board set these first few items to be taken care of first. The front door of Town Hall needs to be replaced. A railing inside the Town Hall needs to be put up going up and down the stairway. And the beach house needs work on it.
Secondly, the list is as follows:
Morrill Hill Road Bridge Birds Eye View solution to the noise complaints Town Land – selling 2-3 parcels of land Elbow Pond Road culvert Town Website (there should be the start of the site in about ten days) One more bid is needed for rebuilding the Transfer Station (Pest Control has been active            now that the weather has gotten better)  
Additionally, the Highway Department expects to finish Old College Road. Last year six dirt roads were maintained. The goal is to take care of six more this year. Also, the Elbow Pond Culvert expects to be taken care of this year.

Road Agent Report
Thompson reported that Bruce Davis from Allstate Paving will be back at the end of the week or early next week and have some concrete ideas for Old College Road to choose from. After hearing from the residents affected, it appears they would like hot top for the final finish. Allstate provided a very rough estimate of the costs involved. Please see attached. As soon as Thompson knows what is needed, then it can go out to bid.
Thompson will start looking at Plains and Switch Roads. It is coming up on four years for Switch Road since the last maintenance.  It is time for to chip seal Switch Road.
The Highway Department has been working on patching up the muddy roads in town. And keeping water where it belongs.
The Highway Department has also been working on Hoyt Road. The road was taken care of as an immediate fix for the situation, but it will be taken care of fully in the future.  
The Highway Department also started working on cleaning up the cemetery. The goal is to have that work completed by the tentative opening date of April 15
The Town needs gravel. Thompson will need to know whether to purchase gravel from the outside or to crush gravel from within the town. Thompson will acquire some bids for the Board to review.


Town Administrator Report
Roy received a letter from Michael Hansen Construction indicating the expected time extension for completion of the Morrill Hill Road Bridge project. Due to the weather issues for the past several months, the new completion dates are as follows:
New Substantial Completion Date is July 9, 2018
New Final Completion Date of August 9, 2018


Public Participation
John McDonald questioned whether the Town made any arrangements with the State for the wear and tear from expected traffic on Cilleyville Road and Depot Street while they reroute traffic to repair the bridge in Town on Route 11.  Mishcon responded by saying that the State has not been open to this, but the Board will try again.


Steve Barton approached the Board regarding a past complaint he made to the Board about one of the Highway Department’s workers. Barton was upset and felt the matter was not fully investigated.  Barton took a can of Miller Lite beer and a can of Diet Coke out of a brown bag and put them on the table in front of the Board. After the investigation, Barton received a letter from the Town with the results of the investigation.  However, Barton was not satisfied with those results. Barton stated that a Board member told him that the rumor was that Barton wanted his son to work on the Highway Department and that is why he made the complaint against the Highway Department worker.


Mishcon explained that the procedure is that once a complaint is raised, the board has the department head investigate and report back their findings to the Board.

The complaint involved a town employee who Barton’s son felt that he saw a can of Miller Lite beer in the Town vehicle while he was plowing for the Town on Town Meeting night. The Road Agent questioned two other workers individually who were plowing that night and they both said it was a can of Diet Coke. The Board was satisfied with that investigation and it was closed. The Board followed up with a letter to Barton to advise him of this.


Keyser felt the investigation was handled horribly. Keyser felt it could have been handled better by having two people question each of the other plow drivers individually. He felt they were more likely to tell the truth.  And it would not put the Road Agent in a tricky position.
It was questioned why the Police Department was not involved. Mishcon explained that the Town Attorney had been consulted. The Board followed his advice by having the department head investigate the matter and then report back to the Town Administrator and Select Board.
Barton continued to be very upset and Mishcon requested he be escorted out by Chief Mahoney.


After several minutes, Barton returned and asked for a Non-Public Session to be scheduled to discuss this further. The Board scheduled Barton for the next Select Board meeting which is on April 16, 2018 at 6 PM. Mishcon asked for Barton to leave the meeting. Barton left. AJ Barton asked if he was allowed to come with his father to the Non-Public Session. The Board agreed.


Jon Champagne questioned why the Road Agent is using round rock on roads when he should

be using crushed rock.


Correspondence and Signatures
Lion’s Club – Roy received a letter from the club thanking the Town Hall for the usage of the space down stairs for the food pantry.
Intent to Excavate John Ohler 18-015-001      Signed by all three Board members
Intent to Cut 18-015-002           Signed by all three Board members
Gravel Tax John Ohler 18-520-168 $40.00

Mishcon made the motion to adjourn. Blinn seconded the motion. All in favor. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM..