Andover Select Board Approved Minutes 4/16/18

By Pat Moyer

Condensed from approved minutes

Members Present: Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Vicky Mishcon, SelectBoard Chair; Dave Blinn and Chuck Keyser, Select Board Members; Elita Reed, Bookkeeper; John Thompson, Road Agent, and Police Chief Joseph Mahoney.

Also present:  Rene Lefebvre and Greg Stetson with Emergency Services, Jon Champagne, Herbie Barton, and Steve Barton.


Road Agent Report
The Highway Department is dealing with yesterday’s snow, ice, and sleet spring storm. They are also in the process of cleaning up the cemeteries and Town properties along with grading and getting the basins sucked out.
Crushing rock and doing test pits at the Transfer Station –  Thompson would like to meet with the Board at the Transfer Station to discuss and decide what the plan is. Thompson would like the meeting to take place sooner rather than later. After discussion, all parties agreed to meet with Thompson on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 a little after work about 6 PM.
Old College Road – Thompson met with the affected neighbors on site.  The paving plan is set right now applying the hot mix standard of a 2.5” base and a 1.5” overlay. Fairall is pleased with keeping the road 18’ wide work proposal. The neighbor down the hill has some ideas regarding drainage, etc. Thompson encouraged that neighbor to put his ideas on paper. This neighbor wants to negotiate with the Town on the project cost. Thompson suggested to him to reach out to an engineer to accomplish his proposed goals.  Thompson is gathering proposal quotes for the overlay on Old College Road.
Bruce Davis from Allstate Paving will do a survey of Andover’s roads for the most appropriate maintenance and treatment in the next week or so. Switch, Plains, and Applecrest Roads are on the top of the list.
The Board reviewed the Road Agent Budget. Keyser suggested a yearly inventory of tools and equipment.
Blinn spoke about a complaint he received from a resident on Bay Road who believes that the work Jon Champagne is doing on his property is causing water and silt to enter into the wetlands on her property. This is the same issue raised last year.
Keyser recently went by this property to view it and can see no sign of any new fresh water. Blinn also drove by to view it, and he finds everything to be taken care of from last years’ complaint. He sees no road erosion.  
After discussion, the Board will direct her concerns to the Conservation Commission. Because the complaint came through Blinn, he will contact this resident via mail and let her know of their findings.

Manifest Review
Is as follows for the two weeks prior and ending on April 13, 2018
$ 19, 232.00 Payroll
$411, 968.00           Accounts Payable
$431, 200.00 Grand Total


EMS Contract

Greg Stetson and John Kinney presented the Board with a draft copy of a proposed contract with Franklin Fire Department for 24-hour medical services coverage. The draft proposal is now with the Franklin City Attorney. Stetson expects that the Town will want its attorney to review it. Stetson read through the draft proposal to the Board.  

Elbow Pond Road
On Thursday, April 19, 2018, five FEMA representatives will meet with the Board to determine what money, if any, will be given to Andover to take care of the culvert. Even if FEMA determines they will not provide any funding to Andover for the project, the culvert will be taken care of anyway. The Board needs to move forward with this project.


Negotiations continue with Comcast. This is the second attempt to get the contract signed. The Board is trying to get coverage for the folks on the far end of Route 11 near the Franklin town line.  


Class VI Roads
The Select Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment met with the Planning Board last week in an attempt to review and establish a protocol for building a residence on a Class VI road. Although there were differing opinions, it was a productive meeting. All three boards had suggestions for establishing a clear process. At the end of the meeting, there were still questions that will be addressed with the Town Attorney.


Steve Barton
Steve stated that at the last Board meeting, a meeting was set up for Steve to come in to speak with the Board.  However, then he received a letter in the mail from the Town stating there would not be a meeting. The letter went on to say that the Town attorney advised the meeting would have no purpose because the personnel matter had been resolved.  
Steve said that as a taxpayer, he did not understand why he couldn’t get his questions answered. Steve said he also did not understand how the attorney would even know what questions he was going to ask.   

Steve and the Board agreed that he would contact Town Hall and come by at a mutually agreed time to just talk.


Herbie Barton
Herbie asked several questions throughout the meeting. One question Herbie asked Road Agent, John Thompson was why he is not keeping track of how many truck loads he’s hauling for a project. Thompson asked Herbie to come talk to him and ask him about any of these questions he has about road projects.

Correspondence and Signatures
Jane Hubbard – Contract to update the hazard mitigation plan signed by Mishcon
Town Clean up – letter for the purchase of blue bags for the Town Wide Clean-up day sponsored by the Conservation Commission
Intent to Excavate for Lenny Caron – 18-015-003
Gravel Tax Levy for Mark Thompson $8.50.00 – 18-512-059
Intent to Excavate for Mark Thompson – 18-512-059
Letter to the NH Liquor Commission on behalf of Jen and John Braley regarding the Town’s support for their new enterprise, JJ’s Market and Deli ,to sell alcoholic beverages


Meeting adjourned at 9 PM..
Minutes prepared by Patricia Moyer, Select Board Secretary