Linda Barnes

By Linda Barnes

Many people have found the recent stories of the August rescue of animals from the New Hampton “White Gate Critter Sanctuary”  heartbreaking. The racehorse Bristol’s death was tragic- as was all the suffering the other sick and malnourished animals went through. The only positive part is that someone intervened; most of them were rescued.
   There are so many cases where that intervention DOESN’T happen. Where the animals, large and small, continue to suffer. And it never needs to be that way. All it takes is a call.
   We are fortunate to have a variety of animal assistance programs in our state. A phone call (even anonymously) to the local vet, SPCA, or other rescue will usually result in referral resources for feed/care assistance programs. Food Banks for dogs and cats are offered by at least several Animal Shelters in our state.  Some local communities and veterinary clinics offer them as well. All it takes is a call.
   For horses, Becky’s Gift Equine Relief, 501c3 non-profit, provides temporary assistance for their feeding and other care when owners are in need. Their contact number is:  1-877-723-2597.
   Organizations such as Becky’s Gift don’t judge pet owners who reach out for help when needed. They applaud them for being caring stewards of their animals. All it takes is a call.        
                                                                   Linda Barnes, President, Becky’s Gift Equine Relief