Press Release

CONCORD, NH–The New Hampshire Department of Safety’s Divisions of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and State Police wish to remind all motorists that schools are opening and school buses will be taking to our roadways once again. With kids gathering at school bus stops and school buses making frequent stops, it is critical for the motoring public to be mindful of the following:

You must stop at least 25 feet away from school buses when the alternating red lights are flashing. More children will be crossing our streets and waiting for their bus at their neighborhood school bus stop. Distracted driving can have deadly consequences.

Be particularly cautious around the “Danger Zone.” The “Danger Zone” is any stop along the route where loading and unloading occurs. Motorists can do their part by stopping for school buses and watching for children around buses.

Discuss safe behaviors with your children. Specifically, tell children the importance of paying attention to the roadway while waiting for buses, and looking both ways when getting on and off the bus and when crossing roads. Encourage your child to act predictably in order to assist motorists in keeping the roadways safe for all children.

Remember, you do not have to be seen by a law enforcement officer to be convicted of passing a school bus. Testimony by a school bus driver or other witnesses is sufficient evidence to prove the owner of the vehicle was driving and violated the law.

“New Hampshire is proud of our safety record with regard to school bus safety,” DMV Director

Elizabeth Bielecki said. “With everyone’s help, we can continue this trend for many years to come.”