Commotion on Fieldhouse Lane

By Henry Bechok, Proctor Academy
Proctor’s Farrell Field House saw extensive renovations in 2017 as part of a three phase project. Phase three is underway giving a new look and purpose to the front part of the building that was formerly the dining hall.

Every day construction equipment continues to flow; a steady stream in and out of Proctor’s campus.  The Farrell Fieldhouse is home to the Proctor Academy basketball courts, fitness center, locker rooms, athletic training room, and athletic equipment room, however, it is getting a brand new look and a new purpose with the addition of seven classrooms on the south side of the building.

Most recently, the school finished the first and second phases of the field house renovation process.  The third phase, the front of the fieldhouse (the space that was formerly used as the dining hall) is underway now.  It will include an open lobby, athletic offices, a second and third floor with classroom spaces, as well as a wellness classroom and home for the school’s counselors on the third floor.

The school starting funding this four phase project in 2016. Work continued through summer 2017 and the first portion, a completely renovated and redesigned gym, was completed in the fall of 2017, followed by a fitness center and new athletic training room space.  Phase 3 has been going on for a little less than a year and the goal is to have it completed for December.

Proctor Academy Athletic Director Gregor Makechnie shared some of his thoughts on the new space.  He states, “I am very excited about the new locker room space for female athletes and coaches. For many years, our locker room facilities have been inadequate. I am also excited about the spacious lobby that will offer a welcoming entrance to the Field House, a social gathering space for athletes and parents following competitions, and a comfortable space for community members to relax prior to, and following, athletic practice.

Beyond athletics, the renovation includes seven new classrooms and additional meeting spaces for the English, Social Science and Wellness departments. The two athletic trainers are also looking forward to the completion of phase 3 of the project as both will have brand new office space.

The field house was built in the 1960’s and has served the Proctor community in many ways. Gregor shared some of the hardships the renovation has caused the athletic department, “The athletic department has shown incredible patience and flexibility. Much of our athletic equipment has been temporarily housed in construction trailers. We have moved out of office into temporary office space, or accommodated construction workers in our offices.  But, these are short-term sacrifices. Although inconvenient, they have not dampened excitement about the renovation efforts. In the winter, we will enjoy an amazing new space.”

This space will benefit each and every member of the community who spends a portion of the day in Farrell Field House whether it be watching a basketball game, using the fitness center, or attending class or a wellness activity. Be sure to come see this new space this winter!

Henry Bechok is a senior at Proctor Academy from New London, New Hampshire.