Thank you

By Louise Andrus

Now that the election is over, what is next?  What is next for me is watching for bills in the NH Legislature and making sure our “Live Free or Die” State status continues to stay in place.   If you want to share your thoughts, I may be reached at 748-1965 or
This election was a new and unique journey for me.  I enjoyed every minute of meeting and listening to people, putting out signs or just standing at transfer stations or on election day holding a sign.
For me the real negative of the election was the amount of money donated to and spent by outside the area pac groups.  I feel legislation needs to be passed to limit the pac spending. Big time politics has been and continues to be in NH, and it is insulting to the voters of Andover, Danbury and Salisbury.  We know our local candidates.
Thank you to everyone in Salisbury, Danbury, and Andover that  held signs in the rain and all those that supported and voted for me in the Primary and General Election for Merrimack County, District 1 State Rep.   I lost overall by 42 votes which I felt was a minor loss for a new candidate like me that started campaigning in early September.
I came away from the election knowing I gave it my best and that I was totally honest and transparent, and up front with the voters of the towns as to who I am.  The election is all about the voters and not about me, and I would have been proud to represent your wishes as a State Rep. It is hard to even express in words the love and friendship I felt from people I met in the past few weeks. You are all great people.  Thank you again and I will be back in 2020.
Louise Andrus