Concord Hospital: New Laser Treatment for Prostate

Press release

New advanced laser treatment at Concord Hospital offers relief for more men suffering from enlarged prostate. Also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostate enlargement affects more than half of men over the age of 60. An enlarged prostate gland can block the flow of urine from the bladder and can cause bladder, urinary tract, or kidney problems.

Treatment options typically include a lifetime of medication or inpatient surgical procedures. But now, more men with BPH can be treated at Concord Hospital with a minimally invasive surgical treatment known as GreenLight Laser Therapy. GreenLight Laser Therapy is an outpatient procedure in which a laser fiber restores urine flow by vaporizing prostate tissue and sealing the wound, decreasing the risk of bleeding. The treatment delivers relief while decreasing the risk of surgery, recovery from a hospital stay, or the side effects and expense of medication.

“The big difference for the patient is that usually he can go home within a couple of hours,” said Dr. Ronald Yap, of Concord Hospital’s Center for Urologic Care.  With the traditional enlarged prostate surgery, called a transurethral resection of the prostate, or TURP, there is more bleeding and the patient typically must stay in the hospital for one or two days before several weeks of recovery at home. TURP procedures – still the most prevalent BPH treatment – or treatment with older generations of lasers may be limited to small to medium prostate glands. The newest version of the GreenLight Laser Therapy can be used for a broader spectrum of prostate anatomies.

“I am really excited we are able to address prostate enlargement of many sizes and help alleviate suffering of more men who have BPH,” Dr. Yap said. The addition of Greenlight therapy at Concord Hospital illustrates the Hospital’s steadfast commitment to meeting the comprehensive urologic needs of the community. Through the Male Urologic Health Program at Concord Hospital’s Center for Urologic Care, which is overseen by Drs. Ronald Yap and Thomas Jackson, urologists provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of male urologic issues and advocate for male health. By providing access to technology such as GreenLigh Laser Therapy, Holmium laser, and TURP, patients now have local access to the best possible contemporary surgical technology available.

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About The Center For Urologic Care

As one of Concord Hospital’s cornerstone Centers of Excellence, the Center for Urologic Care is a fully-integrated urologic center with specialized programs in Prostate and Urologic Cancer, Kidney Stone Treatment and Prevention, Pelvic Medicine, Continence and Sexual Health, and Male Urologic Health. The Center currently has offices in Concord, New London, Plymouth, and Wolfeboro.