The Refinery Restaurant Plans to Open in June

A place where the community can gather

By Anna Hollenbaugh, Proctor Academy Student Reporter

Owners Brian MacKenzie, Linda MacKenzie, A.J. Giglio, and Aimee Giglio are nearing the finish line for the opening of their restaurant, The Refinery. With most of the work complete, they are tying up loose ends and getting ready to open in June.

I visited their location at 4 Mill Road in Andover recently. Inside, I found a modern rustic feel with wood ceilings and brick accents. A beautiful maple topped bar will feature twelve taps, including some of the best New Hampshire breweries. By the front door, guests will find a market and take-out counter, and coolers, where people can grab prepared side dishes, sandwiches, or a quick, delicious meal to take home.

When you visit The Refinery, you can tell that the process of getting the restaurant together took time and work. A.J. stated, “Once we had a vision, it was pretty easy to put the pieces together. We cannot say enough about the town of Andover and its support in making this all possible. Partnering with Brian has been awesome because he has the experience to set up a state-of-the-art kitchen and, of course, [he brings] culinary expertise.”  A.J. is known for his
southern barbecue catering business, and those visiting The Refinery can expect barbecue and many other specialties on the menu.

When asked if The Refinery turned out like they imagined, A.J. replied, “Better than we imagined. We were hoping for more places to park close to the building, but we are trying to figure that out. Although we can’t have parking out front, we have plenty of parking behind the building and hope to use the front to our advantage and make it into an outdoor seating area.”

The MacKenzie and Giglio families hope that as the restaurant grows in popularity they can showcase live music and, eventually, even outdoor events. The staff is going to be a very important part of The Refinery. A.J. observed, “I think people are in for a real treat. We have great folks who want to showcase their talents. We wanted to build a place that is going to be very well known for our results from a dining perspective, catering perspective, and pure entertainment perspective.”

For those who are looking for a job, this is also the place! You do not need a particular work set or experience. “If you want to learn something, we’re your team!”

The owners’ goal is to create a place where the community can gather and connect with each other. So keep an eye out for the opening and stop by to check out this new eatery. With high-quality food in a relaxed space, the owners are sure you won’t be disappointed!