Learn More About the Andover Conservation Commission

By Lee Wells

Have you ever wondered what the Andover Conservation Commission does and what its mission is? Thanks to the work of webmaster, Alan McIntyre, looking at the ACC website provides a wealth of information as well as offering spectacular photos of the Andover area. Please check out the website: mcintyreal.wixsite.com/andoverconsrvcomssn

The Andover Conservation Commission is made up of volunteers who have been appointed by the select board. We are here to serve Andover’s citizenry and landscapes. “The Andover Conservation Commission (ACC) has the important role of ensuring that our Master Plan includes provisions and guidelines for conserving and protecting our land, water and other natural resources in both a town-wide aspect and regional context. If Andover is to retain its rural character—deemed very important in the 1992 Master Plan, as well as in the May 2007 Overview of Master Plan Survey Findings—we all need to protect our natural, historic, scenic and agricultural resources. The goal of the ACC is to ensure the future ecological and sustainable health of Andover, as well as its rural character.”

On the website you will find our meeting minutes, maps, information about land conservation, warrant articles, lakes and ponds, permitting rules, as well as best practices for conserving and protecting our natural resources. The website also provides links to other valuable sites, including upcoming backyard and educational events. The website also provides information about hiking trails to help in our enjoyment of the area. Browse the website and use it to deepen your understanding of the environmental issues facing us.  The website is constantly changing and expanding, so please check it often.