Lightning Strike Possible Cause Of Fire on Ten Mile Island

No evidence of a campfire; cause listed as unknown

By Rene Lefebvre

On Monday, June 8, the Andover Fire Department responded to a report of an outside fire in the area of Bradley Lake. Forestry units responded with the four wheel drive utility vehicle along with the rescue boat.

Arriving members were notified of a fire on Ten Mile Island. Portable pumps and forestry tools were brought out to the island by boat, and additional crews were also ferried out by boat. 

The fire was slowly consuming grass and old ground cover. The fire burned very deep, and high-pressure nozzles were needed, along with forestry tools, to root out the fire.

After the fire was extinguished, crews carefully searched the burned area looking for a cause. No evidence of a campfire was found; the fire appeared to have started in a very rough area of the island. The remote location and the depth of the burn are consistent with a possible lighting strike. The cause of the fire is listed as unknown/accidental.

An unsuccessful attempt was made to locate the land owner.

No injuries were reported.  Crews returned to the station to clean equipment and put trucks in service. Time out was two hours.