Town Hall Remains Closed But Accessible By Appointment

Other updates include beach, Transfer Station, water

By Marjorie M. Roy

Many people have asked when the Town Offices will reopen.  Because social distancing is so important and very difficult in small areas, the offices will remain open by appointment.  I am testing an online scheduling tool for a few weeks and if it works well, the Town Clerk-Tax Collectors office may use it, too.  Please check our website at in a few days for more information.

The Transfer Station and the Town Beach at Chaffee Park are for the use of Andover residents only.  Please be sure your vehicle displays an Andover sticker in the lower windshield on the passenger side. The sticker must be permanently attached to your vehicle, as is your state inspection sticker. You are liable to be ticketed at the beach and will be turned away at the Transfer Station if the sticker cannot be seen.  


Stickers may be purchased at the Town Clerk-Tax Collector’s office, or at the Transfer Station on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  The price of a sticker is $10, and the sticker is valid for the life of the vehicle.  The plate number written on the sticker must match your license plate.  So, if you change your license plate, you need to replace the sticker.

I’m sure you were surprised to learn the beach building is closed.  When the Town went in to open the building this season, it was discovered that some fixtures need to be replaced, there are plumbing and electrical problems, and some flooring that needs to be replaced.  We apologize for any inconvenience. These issues will be addressed in the 2021 budget, and a new and improved building will be open for the summer season of 2021.

The next time you go to the Transfer Station, check out the new roof on the Recycle Building. Price quotes were received from two companies (it was advertised for two weeks), and the job was awarded to WeatherCheck. They were able to schedule the job quickly and worked around the days the Transfer Station was open. 

Speaking of the Transfer Station, a change is being made in how long the “Take It or Leave It” items are kept.  Please check with an attendant before leaving anything free.  Only very good items will be accepted, and anything left at the end of the day will be disposed of.

The waterline from Main Street to Proctor Cemetery has been replaced, and the water is on.  What was thought to be a minor issue turned out to be quite involved and would have been very expensive, but Proctor Academy volunteered to do the work, and the Town paid for the materials. Thank you, Proctor Academy! 

Deputy Town Clerk-Tax Collector Stephanie Hurlbutt has resigned from her position.  She is moving forward with something she has wanted to do for many years.  We will miss her, but we wish her well.

As always, if you have questions or constructive comments, please contact me at or call 735-5332, extension 6.