Ricky’s Cruise-In Draws Antique Car Enthusiasts to Andover

Any vehicle 20 years old or more is welcome

By Charlie Darling
Tricia-Lynn Poland and Levi Southworth pose with Levi’s 1953 Buick Super at Ricky’s Cruise-In, held on Tuesday evenings at Naughty Nellie’s and on Wednesday evenings at The Refinery from 5 to 8 PM. Any motorized vehicle, craft, etc., in any condition, that is 20 or more years old is welcome. Caption and photo: Charlie Darling

The story behind Ricky’s Cruise-In starts, of course, with a car: a 1953 Buick Super with a 322 cubic inch V8 engine known (and revered) among hot rodders and dragsters as a “nailhead.”

The car belonged to Levi Southworth’s dad Ricky’s best friend … and then to Ricky … and finally to Levi. Along the way, it endured years of disuse in a basement in Pennsylvania and a migration to Levi’s home in Andover.

To honor his dad and his dad’s beloved Buick, Levi decided to assemble like-minded enthusiasts (and the objects of their enthusiasm) for some story swapping, mutual admiration, and fresh air during the summer months. With the help of Tricia-Lynn Poland, he stages Ricky’s Cruise-In twice a week: Tuesdays at Naughty Nellie’s Ice Cream Bar at 46 Main Street, just east of Andover Village; and Wednesdays at The Refinery at Mill Street and Route 11 in Cilleyville.

The meets run from 5 to 8 PM, weather permitting, and are planned to continue until Halloween. Each is a relaxed, informal affair, though there is a People’s Choice award and a 50/50 raffle to keep things interesting. Levi and Tricia-Lynn appreciate the support of several local sponsors: Keyser’s Garage, the American Legion Crosby-Gilbert Post 101, JJ’s Market and Deli, T’n’T Autobody, and of course The Refinery and Naughty Nellie’s.

Anything with an engine — auto, truck, boat, snowmobile, what-have-you — that’s 20 or more years old is welcome at Ricky’s Cruise-In. For more information, contact Levi at Levi.Southworth@nullyahoo.com or 813 447-0818.