Couple Turn Andover Home Into Sustainable Farm and Bakery

Visit their farm stand at 72 Main Street

By Gabriel Lopez Low
Malora Moore and Joe Rice bought an old farmhouse on Main Street in Andover with the idea of turning it into a means of earning a sustainable living. Photo: Gabriel Lopez Low

When Malora Moore and Joe Rice, the proprietors of Crow Tree Farm, were looking for a new home two years ago, they were looking for more than a place to start their business. What they were looking for, and what they ended up finding here in Andover, was a place where they could live off the land. According to Moore, their main goal was “to homestead and live as sustainably as possible and be able to work from home.” It was with this goal in mind that they purchased an old farm house at 72 Main Street and began to build their farm. Each brought their own expertise to the table; Rice had previously worked at Dimond Hill Farm near Concord, while Moore had spent years working in restaurants on the Seacoast.

The farm stand at 72 Main Street is self-serve, and offers in-season produce, goat’s milk cheese, and baked goods. Photo: Gabriel Lopez Low

The result is Crow Tree Farm – Andover’s new farm stand and bakery. After spending over a year planting their fields, building a greenhouse, and fixing up the farmhouse, they opened the farm stand this spring, and they currently sell fresh vegetables (including tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, among many others), homemade bread, goat milk cheeses and yogurts from their own goats, fresh eggs, and chickens raised right on the farm.

So far, business has been great, and the Andover community has already embraced the new source of fresh food in town. According to them, Coronavirus has not negatively impacted their business, instead it seems like more people are appreciating local produce as they spend more time cooking at home. However, it has not been without slight bumps in the road; they have learned that Andover residents love tomatoes, but aren’t as crazy about cabbage.

Looking forward to the fall, they are planning to have wreaths and holiday décor available in their stand. As for the long-term future, Moore says that right now, they are just working “to hone what we’re already doing,” but “we have so many ideas and dreams…I would love to do donation-based farm to table dinners” at some point down the road. The farm has already become more to them than just a business – they were married in the open field behind their house last fall. To get further updates on the farm, check them out on their Instagram @crowtreefarm or stop by their farm stand at 72 Main Street.