Natalie Wells Will Vote to Support Our Constitutional Rights

By Sandy Williams

Have any of you read any books that tell you about the real history of our Constitution?  “5000 Year Leap” will explain it quite well. Our founders were very smart people and did much study and research before writing our Constitution. 

If you would like a person who believes in and would vote to support these values and our freedoms you will want to vote for Natalie Wells. In 2017 – 2018 Natalie voted for bills that upheld our 2nd Amendment and voted against any Red-Flag Bills. In case you don’t know what that means.  Red flag bills would take away our 2nd Amendment rights. Do you know what that right is really for?  Read the REAL history of our founders, they had much insight. It’s about “We The People.” Think about it. Do you really want the government to control everything? Look at other countries. Do you really want your rights all taken away? I don’t. So please stop. Read. Think. You work hard for all you have, you don’t really want to give it to the government. Do you?

I strongly support Natalie Wells as she will help and vote to support all of our Constitutional rights. Natalie’s past performance as Merrimack 25’s State Representative, and from her articles she has written recently, she will continue to work for and protect our Constitutional rights. She will look out for Senior’s needs, Veterans, and Small Businesses, having been a family business owner herself.

From having known her for a few years, family values are very important to her, and the availability of school choice for some parents are one of her goals.

Sandra Williams