Former JFK Supporter Gives Support to Natalie Wells for District 25

By John Leavitt

I was once a staunch supporter of John F. Kennedy and the Democratic Party.  In the ’60s I was considered a liberal, now I’m seen as a conservative despite my beliefs remaining mostly unchanged. I vote in every election and cast votes for only those candidates that I have knowledge about, regardless of party. I avoid voting for someone simply because he or she is a member of a certain party, a friend, neighbor, or has a familiar name. The importance of every voter casting an informed vote far outweighs the importance of every voter voting.

A free and independent media is critical to evaluating candidates. It is difficult to get honest and truthful information. Many in the media are dishonest and politically motivated. The truth is often intentionally distorted. Anonymous allegations are quickly reported without verification. Lies are intentionally reported often enough that they become regarded as the truth by many. Politicians can only be trusted to tell us what we want to hear, not what they will actually do. Voters are better served by judging any candidate by their history.

The state lockdown this year will surely have a huge negative impact on New Hampshire’s revenue. Electing fiscally responsible people is rarely ever as important as it is this year. Beware of any candidate irresponsibly advocating for increased spending without considering the overall budget. Are they trying to buy votes?  Some may promise to lower real estate taxes. Is this possible without state aid and higher state taxes? That, as the saying goes, would be “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”  Of course that revenue transition will never result in a dollar for dollar reduction in real estate taxes. Taxpayers will be screwed yet again! Beware of the candidates that secretly advocate for imposing a state sales taxes, income taxes, or both.

After careful thought, I will be casting my vote for Natalie Wells as the District 25 representative, a position she held in the recent past. Those who know her are aware she worked tirelessly to restrain state spending and avoid increased taxes.  She is a strong advocate for quality education, support of police, and the second amendment.  She never hesitated to respond to constituents requesting help, regardless of their party affiliation. She is honest to a fault. She believes and lives her commitment to the oath of office to preserve and protect both the New Hampshire and United States Constitutions.  Despite the current political climate of “go along to get along” that exists within each party, she thinks independently as she fights to balance the budget and maintain our freedoms. She literally believes in our state motto….”Live Free Or Die!’

I call on every citizen to carefully research each candidate’s history. Cast your vote for the individual you think is most qualified, regardless of party. One thing I can guarantee you is: the Republican or Democratic Party you may have faithfully supported for many years is not the same party you may think it is today.

President John F. Kennedy said:  “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.”