Vote for the Two Candidates with Heads on Their Shoulders

By Mario Ratzki

On November 3, please vote for the two candidates with heads on their shoulders. That would be my good friend and neighbor, Ken Wells, for Merrimack 1, and Faith Minton for Merrimack 25.

Ken voted for this year’s budget, which brought in revenue sharing for Andover for the year 2020 and 2021 of $166,000; for Danbury $176,000; and for Salisbury $117,000.

Money coming back to the towns instead of giving it away in tax breaks to out of state corporations — that’s what a state representative is supposed to do. Ken is also at the forefront of a massive study planning for the transformation of our state energy policy with an emphasis on renewables for the next 10 years. He deserves re-election.

Faith Minton came on the scene with a positive attitude, a winning smile, and a mile-wide resume of volunteerism in her home town of Warner. Perhaps it is enough to say that the Warner Men’s Club awarded Faith a Community Service Award for her 35 years of volunteering in that town.

Please join me in voting for Faith Minton (Andover, Salisbury, Danbury, Warner, Webster) Merrimack 25, and Ken Wells, (Andover, Danbury, Salisbury.) Merrimack 1.