Absentee Ballot System Works; Extended Use Should Continue

By Judith Ackerson

As a volunteer election worker, I am upset that some New Hampshire legislators are pushing to limit absentee ballots in our state.  I can vouch for the integrity of the process as one who has been intimately involved as a volunteer for years with elections, including the most recent November election.  


I am offended that many people with no firsthand knowledge of the work of election officials, moderators, town clerks,  and all poll workers would cast judgment on  their integrity and a system which has been a part of our state’s electoral system since 1775.

The system works!  Polling officials, both Democrats and Republicans, work side-by-side and take an oath to hold themselves to a high standard of conduct, not only  here in New Hampshire but throughout the country.  Expanding voting access through the use of absentee ballots is good for Republicans and Democrats, and it was used by both parties in this past election.

The extended use of absentee ballots during COVID has proven that expanding access to absentee ballots, rather than finding ways to keep some citizens from voting safely and securely, should be the continued practice in future elections.  People who are eligible to vote should be able to decide for themselves what is the best way for them to do so.  No one should have barriers placed upon their access to vote due to health concerns, transportation needs, childcare and eldercare obligations, or job scheduling, to name a few.

Please speak up for your right to vote without barriers.  Contact your state representatives and encourage your friends and families to join you.


Judith Ackerson