Remember Rules When Sprucing Up Cemetery Plots

Landscaping needs prior approval

By Cheryl Swenson
Lake View Cemetery still shows snow, but spring is coming, and with it will come yard work done by the Town, as well as by family members arriving to plant flowers at family plots. Photo: Cheryl Swenson

With the warm days we had in mid-March, it is easy to get spring fever.  I anticipate yard work, cleaning up the flower beds, and planning what flowers to plant. 

And it is not just our own yards we anticipate sprucing up, but also many people plan to work on their family cemetery plots.

With spring and soon after Memorial Day approaching, the Andover Cemetery Trustees remind you that there are a few simple rules to follow when thinking about working around a family plot. These rules will allow our Town crew to easily mow and maintain the cemeteries:


  • Flowers, either natural or artificial, are only permitted around the base of the main headstone. All artificial decor must be placed in a container. 
  • If using solar lights, they must also be placed only adjacent to the main headstone.
  • No landscaping may be done without the prior approval of the Cemetery Trustees. Suitable shrubbery will be permitted but may not exceed the height of the stone. The Trustees reserve the right to trim or remove, if necessary, shrubs that have become too large and intrusive


Please be advised that our routine spring clean up work includes the removal and disposal of all seasonal decor, i.e. Christmas greens, empty soil-filled plant pots, and dated artificial flowers.

Thank you. Your Cemetery Trustees appreciate your cooperation.  Think Spring!