Visit Proctor’s Digital Art Gallery to See Students’ Work

Be part of a virtual audience

By Scott Allenby
Andover’s Delaney Young ’24 works in Studio Art on a piece featured in Proctor’s Winter Term Art Show. Caption: Scott Allenby. Photo: Lindsey Allenby

During a normal year, Proctor’s art shows and performances would be open to the public. Not only are our students missing audiences for their artistic pursuits, but our local community is missing out on some amazing work being done in our art studios and on the stage.

Proctor’s talented art faculty have created a digital art gallery for Proctor’s art students, and we encourage the local community to check out some of this artwork at

Be sure to visit this website and peruse amazing creations across all disciplines, including blacksmithing, studio art, photography, dance, singing, jazz/rock ensemble, woodworking, and more!