Conservation Commission, March 13, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Members Larry Chase, Nan Kaplan, Tina Cotton, Sandra Graves, Jerry Hersey (acting chair); member-designee Jason Dudek; visitors Frank Baker, Pat Moyer.

Excused absent: Mary Anne Broshek (chair).

February minutes were approved as amended.

A mailing forwarded by the Town Administrator asked the Andover Conservation Commission (ACC) to consider donating a scholarship to allow a local child to attend a summer conservation camp sponsored by the New Hampshire 4-H Club. Jason volunteered to get more information from 4-H, and Frank volunteered to contact the Andover Fish and Game Club to get information about its scholarship donations. No decision was reached about an ACC sponsorship.

Old Business

Pat volunteered to check with Draft Master Plan Committee chair Paul Currier on availability of the plan narrative, and on progress to post the plan on the Town Web site.

Frank acknowledged that he had been asked about his interest in becoming an ACC member, and was present to indicate his interest.

Members discussed the Andover Town Clean-Up campaign usually co-sponsored by the Conservation Commission and the Town. While no votes were taken, recommendations were made to simplify the project in acknowledgement of many individual residents doing clean up on their own.

Potential new members were discussed and plans made to contact individuals to determine interest.

Wildlife Action Plan Project

Nan reported that she had acquired names and addresses of landowners in the Bog Pond area in preparation for planning a “wildlife event” in that area. Names and addresses of landowners in other focus areas have not yet been acquired.

Members congratulated Jason and Mary Anne for the design of the ACC informational table at Town Meeting Day, which asked visitors to locate wildlife they had seen in town, and to identify the wildlife habitat where they lived.

A list of possible wildlife projects – updated from discussion at the February meeting – was handed out. Members can use this list to determine if there are projects they would like to be involved with.

A status report is needed for the forestry management workshop. County Forester, Tim Fleury, is the contact.

Mary Anne offered to write an overview article for the April Beacon.

Members suggested possible dates of May 4, June 1, July 6, and August 3 (all Saturdays) for a wildlife inventory walk to be led by Emma Carcagno of UNH Cooperative Extension. These dates will be provided to Emma. (Note: Subsequent to meeting, Nan has decided to coordinate with Emma on wildlife inventory walk for Bog Pond area).

Larry agreed to contact Andover resident Rick Libbey (aka “Mooseman”) re: possible participation in the Wildlife project.

No other scheduling or specific events were determined for the priority areas or potential school projects.